2015 Big Ten Team-By-Team Schedule Breakdown

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Sept. 5 Southern Illinois
Sept. 12 FIU
Sept. 19 WKU
Sept. 26 at Wake Forest
Oct. 3 Ohio State
Oct. 10 at Penn State
Oct. 17 Rutgers
Oct. 24 at Michigan State
Nov. 7 Iowa
Nov. 14 Michigan
Nov. 21 at Maryland
Nov. 28 at Purdue

Non-Conference Games FIU, Southern Illinois, at Wake Forest, WKU
Games vs. the West Iowa, at Purdue
5 Keys to the Schedule
– The Hoosiers gets a few games against Southern Illinois and FIU to gear up for what’s certain to be a shootout against WKU. If IU is hoping for any sort of a good season, it has to beat Wake Forest on the road. 
– Starting out the Big Ten season against Ohio State and with road games at Penn State and Michigan State before November will be rough.
– There can’t be too much complaining with just three road games in the first ten dates. Going to Maryland and Purdue over the final two games isn’t all that bad.
– Missing Wisconsin, Nebraska and Minnesota from the West is a huge plus – Iowa and going to Purdue isn’t all that bad.
– WATCH OUT FOR …  Rutgers at home. It’s a game IU might need to win, and coming in between the road games at Penn State and Michigan State, and after facing Ohio State, it might be an 0-4 Big Ten start with a loss to the Scarlet Knights.

Sept. 5 Richmond
Sept. 12 Bowling Green
Sept. 19 USF
Sept. 26 at West Virginia
Oct. 3 Michigan
Oct. 10 at Ohio State
Oct. 24 Penn State
Oct. 31 at Iowa
Nov. 7 Wisconsin
Nov. 14 at Michigan State
Nov. 21 Indiana
Nov. 28 at Rutgers

Non-Conference Games Bowling Green, Richmond, USF, at West Virginia
Games vs. the West at Iowa, Wisconsin 
5 Keys to the Schedule
–  It could be a sneakier-tough non-conference schedule than it might appear. South Florida won’t be easy, Bowling Green will be good enough to potentially win the MAC, and going to West Virginia will be tough. Even Richmond could be a bit of a fight.
– There isn’t a bad stretch of road games – the Terps never have to deal with two away dates in a row, alternating home-and-away after starting out the year with three straight home games.
– Going to Iowa and having to play Wisconsin from the West is a problem. The two games come in back-to-back November weeks.  
– Forget about winning the East with road games at Ohio State and Michigan State – at least it’ll take a minor miracle to get it done.
– WATCH OUT FOR … Richmond. The Spiders went 9-5 last season and got into playoffs, and they should be dangerous again. Maryland has some rebuilding to do, and that’s what playing Richmond is supposed to be for.

Sept. 3 at Utah
Sept. 12 Oregon State
Sept. 19 UNLV
Sept. 26 BYU
Oct. 3 at Maryland
Oct. 10 Northwestern
Oct. 17 Michigan State
Oct. 31 at Minnesota
Nov. 7 Rutgers
Nov. 14 at Indiana
Nov. 21 at Penn State
Nov. 28 Ohio State

Non-Conference Games BYU, Oregon State, UNLV, at Utah
Games vs. the West at Minnesota, Northwestern
5 Keys to the Schedule
–  The Jim Harbaugh era isn’t starting out easy with a trip to Salt Lake City to deal with a good Utah team. Throw in the home games against Oregon State and BYU, and September will be a test.
– Missing Wisconsin and Nebraska from the West will help, but the date with Minnesota for the Little Brown Jug is in Minneapolis. Playing Northwestern isn’t a bad deal.
– The week off comes after the Michigan State game, and then it’s road time with three away games in four weeks going to Minnesota, Indiana and Penn State. All three of those games are winnable, as is the home date in the mix against Rutgers.
– The Michigan State and Ohio State showdowns are in Ann Arbor. That’s about as nice a break as it gets, and Michigan has to take advantage.
– WATCH OUT FOR … Northwestern. It comes after a road trip to Maryland to start out the Big Ten season, and then comes Northwestern with Michigan State to follow. The Wolverines can’t start looking ahead to the Spartans.

Michigan State
Sept. 4 at Western Michigan
Sept. 12 Oregon
Sept. 19 Air Force
Sept. 26 Central Michigan
Oct. 3 Purdue
Oct. 10 at Rutgers
Oct. 17 at Michigan
Oct. 24 Indiana
Nov. 7 at Nebraska
Nov. 14 Maryland
Nov. 21 at Ohio State
Nov. 28 Penn State

Non-Conference Games Air Force, Central Michigan, Oregon, at Western Michigan
Games vs. the West at Nebraska, Purdue
5 Keys to the Schedule
– Going down the road to Kalamazoo to open the season against Western Michigan will be an interesting start, and getting it on a Friday should help the team rest up a little bit more for the Oregon showdown.  
– The run defense will be put to the test in back-to-back weeks, dealing with the Air Force attack a week after the Oregon game. Hosting Central Michigan will be a bit of a fight, too.
– While the Michigan game is on the road, starting out the season with Purdue, at Rutgers and – after playing Michigan – Indiana is nice and easy before getting a week off.
– Playing Purdue from the West is good. Having to play Nebraska in Lincoln is bad. In division play, having to face Ohio State on the road is worse.
– WATCH OUT FOR … Maryland. It’s a huge sandwich game with a trip to Nebraska before and the showdown at Ohio State after.  

Ohio State
Sept. 7 at Virginia Tech
Sept. 12 Hawaii
Sept. 19 Northern Illinois
Sept. 26 Western Michigan
Oct. 3 at Indiana
Oct. 10 Maryland
Oct. 17 Penn State
Oct. 24 at Rutgers
Nov. 7 Minnesota
Nov. 14 at Illinois
Nov. 21 Michigan State
Nov. 28 at Michigan

Non-Conference Games Hawaii, Northern Illinois, at Virginia Tech, Western Michigan
  Games vs. the West at Illinois, Minnesota
5 Keys to the Schedule
–  It’s a relative walk in the park for a defending national champion. Going to Virginia Tech to start the season will be what gets everyone’s attention, but it’s not that big a problem. Hawaii should be easy, but it’s just five days after the date with the Hokies. NIU and Western Michigan can’t be a concern for the nation’s No. 1 team.
– Going to Illinois and hosting Minnesota – even with the problems the Gophers provided last year – aren’t that bad from the West. There’s no Nebraska or Wisconsin to deal with.
– There aren’t any back-to-back road games. While playing in Ann Arbor is always going to be tough, a road slate of Virginia Tech, Indiana, Rutgers, Illinois and Michigan isn’t that bad.
– It’s all about the finishing kick, and getting Michigan State at home is a major break before ending with the Wolverines.
– WATCH OUT FOR … Illinois. With Michigan State and Michigan to follow, this is just the sort of mid-November road game that can trip up a weary team. Are the Illini that good? No, but it’s all about the timing.

Penn State
Sept. 5 at Temple
Sept. 12 Buffalo
Sept. 19 Rutgers
Sept. 26 San Diego State
Oct. 3 Army
Oct. 10 Indiana
Oct. 17 at Ohio State
Oct. 24 at Maryland
Oct. 31 Illinois
Nov. 7 at Northwestern
Nov. 21 Michigan
Nov. 28 at Michigan State

Non-Conference Games Buffalo, Rutgers, San Diego State, at Temple
Games vs. the West Illinois, at Northwestern 
5 Keys to the Schedule
–  There’s nothing to complain about early on. Considering the opener at Temple is like a Penn State home game, everything looks great with the next five games in Beaver Stadium. With two November games at home, there isn’t much time with bags packed.
– However, the two key East games are at Ohio State and Michigan State. Uh oh.
– Playing Illinois at home and going to Northwestern isn’t going to be too much of a problem against the West. The interdivisional schedule could be a whole bunch worse.
– Unlike most teams in the East, Penn State plays three road games in four weeks going to Ohio State, Maryland and Northwestern.
– WATCH OUT FOR … San Diego State. The Aztecs are good enough to potentially win the Mountain West, and if the Penn State offense isn’t working, it could be a long, long day against a great defense.

Sept. 5 Norfolk State
Sept. 12 Washington State
Sept. 19 at Penn State
Sept. 26 Kansas
Oct. 10 Michigan State
Oct. 17 at Indiana
Oct. 24 Ohio State
Oct. 31 at Wisconsin
Nov. 7 at Michigan
Nov. 14 Nebraska
Nov. 21 at Army
Nov. 28 Maryland

Non-Conference Games at Army, Kansas, Norfolk State, Washington State
Games vs. the West Nebraska, at Wisconsin
5 Keys to the Schedule
–  All you can reasonably ask for from a Power 5 team is to play a non-conference game against another Power 5 team. Washington State and Kansas might stink, and both games might be in Piscataway, but at least the Scarlet Knights are playing two teams from great leagues.
– Talk about brutal, try playing Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nebraska within the first six games of the Big Ten season.
– Indiana is the lightweight in that six game nightmare, but that’s on the road as a start of three road games in four weeks with the other away dates at Wisconsin and Michigan. The home game to break it all up? Ohio State comes after IU.
– Most of the other teams in the East catch a break against teams from the West. Not Rutgers, who gets Nebraska and has to face Wisconsin in Madison.
– WATCH OUT FOR … Army. It’s just down the road, but the away game against the Black Knights comes at an awful time late in the year in between Nebraska and Maryland. No one wants to deal with that running scheme in mid-November.


Sept. 5 Kent State
Sept. 12 Western Illinois
Sept. 19 at North Carolina
Sept. 26 Middle Tennessee
Oct. 3 Nebraska
Oct. 10 at Iowa
Oct. 24 Wisconsin
Oct. 31 at Penn State
Nov. 7 at Purdue
Nov. 14 Ohio State
Nov. 21 at Minnesota
Nov. 28 Northwestern

Non-Conference Games Kent State, Middle Tennessee, at North Carolina, Western Illinois
Games vs. the East Ohio State, at Penn State
5 Keys to the Schedule
– The Illini aren’t pushing themselves early on against Kent State and Western Illinois, but they make up for it by going to North Carolina. The Middle Tennessee date might be a tough way to finish the non-conference slate.
– While Buckeye date is at home, having to face Ohio State and Penn State from the East is going to hurt the bowl chances.
– There can’t be too much complaining about the division schedule getting both Nebraska and Wisconsin at home. Throw in the road trip against Iowa in between the two, and the Illini will know where they stand right away.
– With the Ohio State game thrown into the mix, and coming after the Wisconsin game, Illinois has to play three road games in four weeks going to Penn State, Purdue and Minnesota.
– WATCH OUT FOR … Purdue. Coming off the road game at Penn State, and with Ohio State to follow, Illinois might have a hard time in early November against a Boilermaker team that’ll look at this game as a chance for a key win.

Sept. 5 Illinois State
Sept. 12 at Iowa State
Sept. 19 Pitt
Sept. 26 North Texas
Oct. 3 at Wisconsin
Oct. 10 Illinois
Oct. 17 at Northwestern
Oct. 31 Maryland
Nov. 7 at Indiana
Nov. 14 Minnesota
Nov. 21 Purdue
Nov. 27 at Nebraska

Non-Conference Games Illinois State, at Iowa State, North Texas, Pitt
Games vs. the East at Indiana, Maryland
5 Keys to the Schedule
– It’s not as favorable as last season’s schedule, but it’s not all that bad as long as the Hawkeyes don’t blow the rivalry game against Iowa State. Opening up against Illinois State and hosting North Texas isn’t bad. The Pitt game is at home.
– The East fate should be figured out right away with a trip to Wisconsin. However, the slate is relatively breezy after the Big Ten opener.
– at Northwestern, Maryland, at Indiana, Minnesota and Purdue. That’s not bad, considering the Gopher game is at home. Missing Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State and Michigan from the East is as nice a break as it gets.
– Unfortunately, closing out at Nebraska after opening up the Big Ten slate at Wisconsin might be too much to overcome.
– WATCH OUT FOR … Purdue. It’s the sandwich game between the rivalry date against Minnesota and the showdown at Nebraska to finish it all up. The Boilermakers should be improved by the end of the season.

Sept. 3 TCU
Sept. 12 at Colorado State
Sept. 19 Kent State
Sept. 26 Ohio
Oct. 3 at Northwestern
Oct. 10 at Purdue
Oct. 17 Nebraska
Oct. 31 Michigan
Nov. 7 at Ohio State
Nov. 14 at Iowa
Nov. 21 Illinois
Nov. 28 Wisconsin

Non-Conference Games at Colorado State, Kent State, Ohio, TCU
Games vs. the East Michigan, at Ohio State
5 Keys to the Schedule
– Okay, Gophers. Last year you got your doors blown off by TCU, and now we know why. This time around, the Horned Frogs will be preseason top five and they’ll be coming to Minneapolis. It’s the ultimate statement moment to open up the season.
– Going to Colorado State after the TCU game is no peach, either. MAC dates against Kent State and Ohio – even though the Bobcats will be strong – will ease up the non-conference slate.
– Gophers, take care of home. Nebraska, Michigan and Wisconsin all have to come to TCF Bank. Win those three, and the West will be Minnesota’s for the taking, even with the road game at Iowa.
– Playing the Wolverines and having to go to Ohio State as the games against the East is the one really bad break in the schedule.
– WATCH OUT FOR … Illinois. It’ll be a revenge game after last year’s collapse in Champaign, but coming off the rivalry date at Iowa, and with Wisconsin ahead to finish things off, there can’t be a brain cramp.

Sept. 5 BYU
Sept. 12 South Alabama
Sept. 19 at Miami
Sept. 26 Southern Miss
Oct. 3 at Illinois
Oct. 10 Wisconsin
Oct. 17 at Minnesota
Oct. 24 Northwestern
Oct. 31 at Purdue
Nov. 7 Michigan State
Nov. 14 at Rutgers
Nov. 27 Iowa

Non-Conference Games BYU, at Miami, South Alabama, Southern Miss
Games vs. the East Michigan State, at Rutgers
5 Keys to the Schedule
– It’s an interesting non-conference schedule. Opening up against BYU is rough, and going to Miami will be one of the Big Ten’s big September moments. South Alabama is just pesky enough to put up a fight, and Southern Miss is improving.
– Playing Michigan State in interdivision play is rough, but at least it’s at home and at least there’s no Ohio State to face. Going to Rutgers for the other East game isn’t bad.
– The Huskers don’t have to play two road games in a row, but they also don’t get two straight home games after the first two, alternating the rest of the way after starting out against BYU.
– The Wisconsin, Northwestern and Iowa games are at home. If the Huskers are good enough to win those two games, they should be good enough to beat Minnesota on the road.
– WATCH OUT FOR … Rutgers. It’s the road game coming off the Michigan State battle and just before the week off. Nebraska will play 11 straight games before getting a break, and the Scarlet Knights are No. 11.

Sept. 5 Stanford
Sept. 12 Eastern Illinois
Sept. 19 at Duke
Sept. 26 Ball State
Oct. 3 Minnesota
Oct. 10 at Michigan
Oct. 17 Iowa
Oct. 24 at Nebraska
Nov. 7 Penn State
Nov. 14 Purdue
Nov. 21 at Wisconsin
Nov. 28 at Illinois

Non-Conference Games Ball State, at Duke, Eastern Illinois, Stanford
Games vs. the East at Michigan, Penn State
5 Keys to the Schedule
– Northwestern gets to square off against the other smart guys, starting out against Stanford and with a road trip to Duke. Eastern Illinois and Ball State shouldn’t be too bad for the rest of the non-conference slate, but the Wildcats will have to do more than just show up.
– There’s no Ohio State or Michigan State to play from the West, but going to Michigan and playing Penn State stinks.
– NU has to go to Nebraska and Wisconsin. It’s going to take something truly special to be in the mix for the Big Ten West title.
– The week off comes at a good time. The Halloween time off is after the road game at Nebraska but before the home games against Penn State and Purdue, meaning the Cats only leave Evanston once between October 10th and November 21st.
– WATCH OUT FOR … Ball State. It’s going to be a bit of a battle against an improved Cardinal team that could rise up and be among the MAC’s best. Coming off the road game at Duke and before the Big Ten opener against Minnesota, there can’t be a home loss to a MAC team – NIU 23-15 – for the second year in a row.

Sept. 5 at Marshall
Sept. 12 Indiana State
Sept. 19 Virginia Tech
Sept. 26 Bowling Green
Oct. 3 at Michigan State
Oct. 10 Minnesota
Oct. 17 at Wisconsin
Oct. 31 Nebraska
Nov. 7 Illinois
Nov. 14 at Northwestern
Nov. 21 at Iowa
Nov. 28 Indiana

Non-Conference Games Bowling Green, Indiana State, at Marshall, Virginia Tech
Games vs. the East Indiana, at Michigan State
5 Keys to the Schedule
– Marshall is rebuilding, but it’s still a road game against a dangerous offensive team. Purdue is still a Big Ten program, and it has to act and play like it in the opener. Indiana State needs to be a layup with Virginia Tech and Bowling Green to follow. Those might be home games, but the Hokies and Falcons are going to be solid.
– It’s the yearly big break that Purdue faces Indiana as the rivalry game, but having to go to Michigan State from the West is a problem. Not dealing with Ohio State, Penn State or Michigan is obviously great.
– Back-to-back road games at Northwestern and Iowa late in the year will be trying, but that’s the only real problem with the away games – there isn’t a big block of them to overcome.
– There’s a nice run of three home games in four dates with Minnesota, Nebraska and Illinois all coming to West Lafayette. Unfortunately, they’re wrapped around a road game at Wisconsin.
– WATCH OUT FOR … Indiana State. Purdue can and should win without too much of a problem if it doesn’t fall asleep, but the Sycamores went to the FCS playoffs last year and should put of a good effort against an in-state big boy. The Boilermakers will be coming off the road trip to Marshall and the Virginia Tech home game.

Sept. 5 Alabama (in Arlington)
Sept. 12 Miami Univ.
Sept. 19 Troy
Sept. 26 Hawaii
Oct. 3 Iowa
Oct. 10 at Nebraska
Oct. 17 Purdue
Oct. 24 at Illinois
Oct. 31 Rutgers
Nov. 7 at Maryland
Nov. 14 OPEN DATE Nov. 21 Northwestern
Nov. 28 at Minnesota

Non-Conference Games Alabama, Hawaii, Miami Univ., Troy
Games vs. the East at Maryland, Rutgers
5 Keys to the Schedule
– For some reason, Wisconsin thought it wise to go to a whole other level when it came to the non-conference scheduling. It didn’t work out well last year against LSU to start the season, and now it gets Alabama to kick things off. Of course, a win changes the narrative, but it’s asking a lot to get through with a win over the Crimson Tide in Dallas.
– Playing Alabama makes the remaining non-conference slate against Miami University, Troy and Hawaii forgivable. At worst, the Badgers should be 3-1 going into the Big Ten slate.
– Maryland and Rutgers from the West? No Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State or Michigan? Merry Christmas, Paul Chryst.
– The Bucky season should hinge on the road game at Nebraska. Going to Minnesota to finish things up will be dangerous, but beating the Huskers in Lincoln should make it really, really hard for anyone else to get by the Badgers for the West title.
– WATCH OUT FOR … Maryland. It’s a road game to start out November and just before the week off. The Terps are going to need a while to rebuild, and if they’re going to be okay, it should happen by this point – and they might be desperate.