Brett McMurphy’s AP Top 25 Ballot for Week 7: Georgia is New No. 1 Team

With Clemson and Alabama off last week, I moved Georgia up to No. 1 on my Associated Press Top 25 ballot this week.

The Bulldogs’ domination of Tennessee on Saturday, plus their earlier win against Notre Dame gives them a slight edge atop my ballot.

After Georgia, I have No. 2 Alabama, No. 3 Clemson, No. 4 LSU, No. 5 Ohio State and No. 6 Oklahoma.

I truly believe you could make an argument for any of those six teams as the nation’s best team up to this point based on either their domination of their opponents or top-25 wins/strength of schedule.

Four new teams are on my ballot this week: Michigan returns after a two-week absence following the Wolverines’ win against a top-15 opponent in Iowa, undefeated Baylor comes in at No. 22, Virginia is back at No. 24 and Missouri is No. 25.

Dropping from my rankings is Michigan State after its 24-point loss to Ohio State; Oklahoma State, after its 10-point loss at Texas Tech; and a couple of Pac-12 teams – Cal and Washington, both of whom lost in league play.


My AP ballot (last week):

  1. Georgia (2)
  2. Alabama (3)
  3. Clemson (1)
  4. LSU (4)
  5. Ohio State (6)
  6. Oklahoma (5)
  7. Florida (9)
  8. Wisconsin (8)
  9. Notre Dame (10)
  10. Texas (11)
  11. Penn State (12)
  12. Auburn (7)
  13. Oregon (13)
  14. Memphis (16)
  15. Boise State (17)
  16. Texas A&M (15)
  17. Utah (18)
  18. Arizona State (19)
  19. SMU (22)
  20. Wake Forest (23)
  21. Michigan (NR)
  22. Baylor (NR)
  23. Iowa (14)
  24. Virginia (NR)
  25. Missouri (NR)


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