Brett McMurphy’s College Football AP Top 25 Ballot for Week 12

LSU and Ohio State remain atop my Associated Press Top 25 ballot this week but after that, the remaining teams in my top 10 have all changed positions from last week.

It was probably expected that there would be musical chairs on my ballot since there were two matchups between top-10 teams (based on my ballot) and the underdog (according to the Vegas spread) won both games. LSU knocked off Alabama in Tuscaloosa and Minnesota defeated Penn State.

After LSU and Ohio State, rounding out my top 10 is Clemson (up one spot), Georgia (up two spots), Minnesota (up five spots), Alabama (down three spots), Baylor (up two spots), Oregon (down one spot), Utah (down one spot) and Penn State (down five spots).

Minnesota made the biggest jump from No. 10 to No. 5, while Penn State suffered the biggest drop from No. 5 to No. 10.

Surprisingly, teams No. 11-16 all remain in the same order, but the final nine teams on my ballot are total chaos compared to last week.

Four new teams enter my ballot this week: No. 22 Indiana, No. 23 Texas, No. 24 Oklahoma State and No. 25 Appalachian State replacing the teams (Iowa, Wake Forest, Kansas State and San Diego State) that fell out of my rankings.

My AP ballot (last week):

  1. LSU (1)
  2. Ohio State (2)
  3. Clemson (4)
  4. Georgia (6)
  5. Minnesota (10)
  6. Alabama (3)
  7. Baylor (9)
  8. Oregon (7)
  9. Utah (8)
  10. Penn State (5)
  11. Oklahoma (11)
  12. Florida (12)
  13. Auburn (13)
  14. Cincinnati (14)
  15. Wisconsin (15)
  16. Michigan (16)
  17. Boise State (19)
  18. Memphis (21)
  19. Notre Dame (22)
  20. SMU (23)
  21. Navy (25)
  22. Indiana (NR)
  23. Texas (NR)
  24. Oklahoma State (NR)
  25. Appalachian State (NR)


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