Brett McMurphy’s Musings and College Football Picks for Week 6

What I’m wondering while waiting for this weekend’s games…

How will you celebrate Jim Harbaugh Day today?

Yes, it’s Jim Harbaugh Day: Oct. 3 on the calendar or 10-3, Harbaugh’s record in three of his four years at Michigan.

It was only a few years ago where social media would annually celebrate Sept. 4 (9-4) as Bo Pelini Day for the former Huskers coach. That’s because in seven seasons at Nebraska, Pelini had three 9-4 seasons, three 10-4 seasons and a 9-3 season.

Funny how time flies.

As for Harbaugh, who’s now in his fifth season at Michigan, he has three 10-3 seasons, an 8-5 clunker in 2017 and, who knows what, this season.

So far this year, Harbaugh’s Wolverines are off to a 3-1 start and still have games remaining against No. 14 Iowa on Saturday, at No. 12 Penn State (Oct. 12), vs. No. 9 Notre Dame (Oct. 26), vs. No. 25 Michigan State (Nov. 16) and vs. No. 4 Ohio State (Nov. 30).

With his inability to win as an underdog (0-7), or against rival Ohio State (0-4), and lack of success against Top 10-ranked teams (1-9), Harbaugh may be lucky to get to December with only three losses.

So, is he on the “hot seat”?

Absolutely not.

I recently asked several athletic directors if they were Michigan’s AD would they consider getting rid of Harbaugh if he wasn’t an alum and former star QB for the Wolverines and finished 2019 with another non-Big Ten title season that featured three or more losses?

They all said no, but some believe Harbaugh at some point might tire of not meeting these expectations and return to the NFL. It’s funny what the perception of Harbaugh is for a guy who’s currently won 73 percent of his games.

Would a Michigan coach not named Jim Harbaugh be judged differently with the same record?

“Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” – Dean Vernon Wormer addressing Flounder in “Animal House”.

“They’re fat, dumb and happy and entitled.” – Washington State’s Mike Leach discussing his team after last week’s loss at Utah.

I’m wondering how many people — other than me — thought of Wormer’s classic line from “Animal House” (please watch it immediately if you’ve never seen it), when Leach blasted his team on Saturday.

What would have been the reaction if Nick Saban called his team “fat, dumb and entitled”?

Or Chip Kelly? Or Urban Meyer? Or “Mr. 10-3” Jim Harbaugh?

Probably much different.

Still, I really didn’t sense a huge outcry after Leach’s frustrations boiled over following the Cougars’ loss to Utah because, well, that’s kind of who Mike Leach is — he always speaks his mind and is brutally honest.

I had no problem with what he said because he didn’t single out specific players. I’m also sure he had already told his team the very same thing — or worse — in the locker room before speaking to the media.

Some people might disagree with me.

But how many college football fans loath the coaches who consistently feed us clichés or coach-speak and refuse to answer questions?

I actually find it refreshing that Leach is candid whether he’s discussing his team’s performance, the existence of Bigfoot and alien life or any other subject under the sun that he has an opinion on.

So now on to my picks for this week. Odds from @BetOnline_ag:

Michigan State +20 at Ohio State
Bowling Green +46.5 at Notre Dame
Utah State +28 at LSU
Illinois +14 at Minnesota
UTEP -1 vs. UTSA

Lock of the Week: Swissgear Sentry 3-Dial Combination Lock, Black

The Tote Board
Last week: 1-4 (U-G-L-Y, I ain’t got no alibi, it was ugly. Yeah, ugly)
Year to date: 11-11-1
Lifetime Lock of the Week: Absolutely perfect

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