3-Star ATH Bruce Judson Reveals Top 4 Schools

Four-star athlete Bruce Judson revealed his top four schools with the AAC, ACC, Pac-12 and SEC all represented.

You may know him as the recruit whose name escaped Urban Meyer’s mind on a trip to Ohio State.

However, Bruce Judson is also known as the No. 47-ranked athlete in the country and the No. 5 athlete in the state of Florida. He’s a 3-star prospect and pledged to USF this past July. But that was when Willie Taggart was the head coach of the Bulls.

Now, Taggart has made the move from Tampa to Eugene, as he’s now serving as the head coach at Oregon. Former Texas head coach Charlie Strong has since taken over at USF, but there are still many things for Judson to consider.

On Saturday, the 3-star athlete revealed his top four schools with Kentucky, Oregon, USF and Virginia Tech all in the running. Judson released a statement explaining why he chose to unveil a top schools list despite being pledged to the Bulls.

“I’m still committed to the University of South Florida. But due to coaching changes, and staff changes, and everything that is going on — and it happened unexpectedly — I’ve decided to weigh out all my options and make sure this is the best decision for me for the next four years. And it has to be the best decision I make for me and my family. With all that being said, after talking it over with my family, these are the four schools I’m going to further my recruitment with until February 1.”

The Cocoa, Florida native has some decisions to make.

While the Hokies and Wildcats will make pushes for his commitment, it appears as though the real decision will be whether Judson will want to stay close to home and play for Strong or commit to Taggart again.

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