Dream College Football Coaches To Have A Beer With

Which college football coach would be the most (and least) fun to have a few beers with? We take a look.

Football and beer. Beer and football. Those two words sound great together, right? They should both be in our national anthem instead of “ramparts” or “perilous.”

Head coaches rarely have down time, but you know that they’re human and enjoy a cold one whenever an opportunity presents itself. While fans all across the country throw down beers before heading into stadiums, what coaches would be the most (and least) fun to have a few with when the crowds die down. Luckily, I have taken the time to compile a list – complete with scenario and beer – of the perfect candidates to share a brewski with.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Place!

Les Miles (LSU)
– If you read my columns regularly (please do!) you will know that I have great affection for Miles. He’s my lobster!

: On a boat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

: Dixie

Bob Stoops (Oklahoma)
– He might not be a fan of my alma mater’s conference, but I won’t hold that against Stoops. He seems like a good guy, and it would be fun to banter back and forth on the SEC/Big 12 battle.

: Dive bar in his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio

: Hudepohl Pure Lager

Sonny Dykes (California)
– I’m not even sure if the Golden Bears’ head coach drinks, but I’m just going to assume he does.

: Bar overlooking the San Francisco Bay

: Anchor Steam

Mike Leach (Washington State)
– If he is anything like his fan base, then Leach will be able to throw down with the best of them.

: Round of mini golf at a pirate-themed course

: Ballast Point’s Victory At Sea

Bret Bielema (Arkansas)
– Heavy hitter that loves the hops. Let’s just keep the shirt on, okay big guy?

: The famous Flora-Bama in Orange Beach, Alabama

: One of everything on tap

Sorry, I Have To Retile My Bathroom Floor That Day

Paul Chryst (Wisconsin)
– Beer can make you sleepy enough; Chryst will put you down for the count.

Tom Herman (Houston)
– He would probably meet me for one, but be waiting on a better invitation so he could leave in a hurry.

Nick Saban (Alabama)
– Would clearly spend the whole time describing the “process” of how that certain beer was brewed.

Hugh Freeze (Ole Miss)
– “Well, I am on a no-carb diet, but I guess I will have one. It may be a mistake, but I’m not really ‘cheating’ my diet.”

Mark Hudspeth (Louisiana-Lafayette)
– From the looks of him, he spends 24 hours a day at the gym pumping iron and has no time for a brew. Props to you, Coach.

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