College Football News Roundup – August 11

A roundup of college football news, including Bobby Petrino getting “hacked” on Twitter and the latest on the Georgia quarterback battle.

It is definitely the dog days of summer, as the heat continues to pound down on players practicing for kickoff in just a few weeks. We have a lot to cover, so let’s get right into our college football news roundup.

Oh, Bobby – Just when it seems that Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino would escape the jokes and ridicule for his ousting at Arkansas, he goes and “likes” an erotic tweet. Sure, Petrino says he was hacked, but isn’t that the go-to excuse for when something bad happens on social media? In the end, I say give the guy a break. It’s not like he broke the law or anything.

Alabama/Smith Saga Over – Finally, after what seemed like a month’s worth of back-and-forth, Alabama has granted the release of defensive back Maurice Smith so that he can transfer to another SEC school. The likely destination for Smith is Georgia, where he will play under his old defensive coordinator Kirby Smart, who left the Crimson Tide this past offseason for the head coaching job in Athens.

UGA Quarterback Situation Unresolved – As for the Bulldogs’ offense, Smart said the quarterbacks battling for the starting job have not separated themselves as of yet, but the first scrimmage on Saturday will help the coaches see who could be the man to start under center when the season begins.

Hugh Being Hugh – If you don’t follow Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze on Twitter (I can once again, now that he’s unblocked me!), then you are missing out on, well, basically Sunday School. The religious Freeze quotes a lot of passages from the Holy Bible, though sometimes they’re taken out of context and miss the mark – like a recent one that concerns the taking of non-Jewish wives. What that has to do with football, I have no idea.

Non-Football Related – Sorry to get off the topic, but I just have to mention how amazing the absolute freak out by Wichita State head basketball coach Gregg Marshall was on Tuesday. That was unbelievable and makes me want to buy the guy a beer and tell him to chill for a bit.

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