Cotton Bowl Prediction Roundtable – What’s Going To Happen

Cotton Bowl prediction roundtable with the Campus Insiders staff. Breaking down what will happen between Western Michigan and Wisconsin.

Jeff Bartl

If there were still ties in college football, I’d predict that simply because I don’t want to see either of these teams lose. I love P.J. Fleck and what he’s done at Western Michigan, and I respect the hell out of Wisconsin for going 10-3 against the extremely difficult schedule. Let’s go with the Broncos winning on a last-second field goal in a Cotton Bowl for the ages.

Jonathan Bass

If you only watched Western Michigan the MAC Championship Game, then your take of the Broncos is an uneven squad that turns the ball over and wins only in shootouts. Such is not the case, as this is one of the stingiest offenses in the land. After watching Penn State dismantle Wisconsin in the B1G title game’s second half, I can’t shake the feeling that Zach Terrell and Corey Davis will abuse the Badgers secondary. Western Michigan keeps rowing the boat.

Robert Judin

The strength of Wisconsin is the defense, but I’m expecting P.J. Fleck to keep rowing that boat all the way to a victory for the Broncos. Zach Terrell will be spot on all game long, and he’ll hook up with Corey Davis for at least two touchdowns. The Badgers will get a lot from Corey Clement, but it won’t be enough to beat Western Michigan.

Brian Stultz

Which of these teams is happy to be in Dallas and playing in the Cotton Bowl? Yeah, I thought so. The Broncos are ecstatic about this opportunity, while the Badgers are at home trying to figure out a way to explain that winning championships isn’t important, but growing as men or some nonsense like that is the pertinent thing for the folks of Madison. Give me a break, Badgers. Row The Boat! WMU wins.

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