Ed Orgeron Impressed Kayvon Thibodeaux With Crawfish, Snoop Dogg

Four-star defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux spoke with Campus Insiders and told a story about how Ed Orgeron impressed him with crawfish and Snoop Dogg during his LSU visit. 

Life is pretty funny sometimes. There are plenty of dull moments, but then there are instances like the one Kayvon Thibodeaux had during his unofficial visit to LSU last weekend.

You know, moments when you look up and realize you’re sitting down to eat crawfish with the head coach of the LSU Tigers. Pretty surreal, isn’t it?

Well, yeah, but that didn’t stop Thibodeaux from taking it all in and enjoying his time with Ed Orgeron. The two of them easily devoured about 100 crawfish, and Coach O captivated Thibodeaux by telling him about the time he met Snoop Dogg.

Snoop D-O-double-G approached Orgeron while he was coaching with the Trojans and discussed the program’s jerseys and how USC “needed to be the best.”

Well, the Trojans are doing pretty well currently, but Orgeron is now with the Tigers and is hoping Thibodeaux, a Los Angeles native, will end up choosing the Tigers over both USC and UCLA.

Their relationship has gotten off to a great start, so there could be hope for LSU yet.

“It was great. Everyone was nice, and I loved the crawfish. It was a fun experience,” Thibodeaux told Campus Insiders. “[Orgeron] is one of the coolest coaches I ever met. He was talking about my game, and how I played, and where he pictured me in the futures.”

The football message Orgeron directed at the 6-foot-4, 230-pound defensive end was par for the course. LSU envisions Thibodeaux as a hybrid outside linebacker, rushing the passer while standing up on the line or with a hand in the dirt.

But what caught Thibodeaux’s attention wasn’t the Xs and Os. He’s heard all of that before. Rather, it was the sincerity in what Orgeron was saying — more importantly, how he was saying it.

“He was straightforward when we talked, and he didn’t promise the world, which I know he can’t give,” Thibodeaux said before addressing the coaches who do make hollow promises. “[It] just shows that [some coaches] will say anything to get a player there, and there aren’t any morals involved.”

As for what Thibodeaux thought of Baton Rouge and the campus, well, that left a positive imprint as well.

“It was great. The facilities were nice, and the stadium is amazing,” he said. “You can see it from the bridge over the Mississippi River.”

As mentioned, it’s going to be tough to lure Thibodeaux away from Southern California. He favored the Trojans as a kid despite the fact he watched much more of the NFL than he did college football. And there’s one of his good friends, 4-star athlete De’Gabriel Floyd, personally recruiting him to join forces in USC’s 2019 recruiting class. Friendships aside, Thibodeaux knows to do what’s best for his future.

“[De’Gabriel is] my boy, and USC is nice, but I still have a whole lot to see and experience before I make any decisions,” he said.

By the sound of it, Orgeron may have drastically increased LSU’s chances in Thibodeaux’s recruitment.

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