Former Lakers Assistant Mark Madsen Agrees to Three-Year Contract with Utah Valley

Former Los Angeles Lakers player and assistant coach Mark Madsen will make his debut as a Division I men’s basketball head coach this fall after agreeing to a three-year contract with Utah Valley University.

Madsen spent the last six seasons as a Lakers assistant, following a nine-year NBA career in which he was a member of two NBA championship teams with the Lakers. He spent one season as an assistant at Stanford in 2013, where he was a two-time First Team All-Pac-10 selection as a player.

Stadium obtained Madsen’s signed contract with Utah Valley via public records request.

Madsen’s contract term starts on July 1, 2019 and ends on March 15, 2022.

His annual salary is $225,000 and he’ll receive additional compensation including an annual membership to the Riverside Country Club, use of a vehicle based on Utah Valley’s athletic department sponsorship agreements, a university-issued cell phone, at least 10 men’s basketball season tickets, and travel and lodging for Madsen and his spouse to attend the Final Four every year.

He’ll have the ability to earn performance-based incentives, which are outlined below:

  • $5,000 – Team GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • $7,500 – Team GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • $10,000 – Team GPA of 3.4 or higher
  • $5,000 – Single-year team APR of 975+
  • Home game attendance (not cumulative)
    • $1,000 – 3,000 in arena or tickets sold
    • $3,000 – 4,000 in arena or tickets sold
    • $5,000 – 4,881 in arena or tickets sold
    • $10,000 – 7,500 in arena or tickets sold
    • $500 – 500 students in arena
    • $1,000 – 1,000 students in arena
    • $5,000 – 3,000 students in arena
    • $500 – Selling of presidential suite for $2,500
    • $5,000 – All 58 courtside season tickets sold
    • $2,500 – 250 full-payment season tickets sold
    • $10,000 – 500 full-payment season tickets sold
    • $20,000 – 1,000 full-payment season tickets sold
  • $5,000 – For every “buy game” win against an out-of-state opponent
  • $10,000 – 20-win regular season (counting no more than two wins vs. non-Division I programs)
  • $10,000 – Regular season conference championship
  • $10,000 – WAC Tournament Championship appearance
  • $20,000 – WAC Tournament Championship
  • $5,000 – Each CBI or CIT win
  • $10,000 – NIT invitation
  • $15,000 – Each NIT win
  • $25,000 – At-large NCAA Tournament selection
  • $20,000 – Each NCAA Tournament win in the first three rounds
  • $250,000 – Final Four appearance
  • $500,000 – National championship
  • $20,000 – WAC Coach of the Year
  • $20,000 – Region/District Coach of the Year
  • $100,000 – National Coach of the Year


Utah Valley will also pay Madsen up to $25,000 for “directly securing” at least $150,000 in guarantee games, or “buy games,” by October 1. Buy games are when one school pays another to travel to its home arena for a non-conference game, typically between a high-major and a mid/low-major school.

If Madsen secures more than $150,000 for Utah Valley in “buy games,” he can distribute that amount to his assistant coaches with approval from the athletic director and the vice president for finance and administration.

Madsen is not eligible for regular staff salary adjustments, meaning the assistant coach salary pool, during the term of his contract. Any salary or compensation adjustments would be included in a potential contract renewal after the expiration of his current contract.

Utah Valley will pay Madsen a retention fee of up to $25,000 by June 30 during the term of his contract.

Madsen is expected to keep Utah Valley’s four-year APR score above a minimum score of 930 and any single-year score above 900.

As part of Utah Valley’s outfitter agreement with adidas, Utah Valley will receive an extra $1,500 promotional dollars (available for coach use) if Madsen wins conference coach of the year and $2,500 for promotional use (available for team use only) if the team wins the regular season or conference tournament championship.

Another stipulation of the school’s agreement with adidas is that the team has a $4,500 promotional allotment for the team and $1,500 for the head coach.

Madsen is expected to raise $100,000 per academic year (July 1-June 30).

If Utah Valley fires Madsen without cause, it will still owe him his salary and benefits through the end of the contract term. However, Madsen agrees to mitigate the university’s obligation to pay his salary and benefits by making “reasonable and diligent efforts to obtain employment.” If he finds new employment, Utah Valley’s financial obligations will cease.

If Madsen terminates the contract, he’ll owe Utah Valley $500,000 in liquidated damages.

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