Morgan State Coach Kevin Broadus Signs Five-Year Contract: Salary, Buyout, Incentives

Morgan State Coach Kevin Broadus signed a five-year contract with the university in the offseason, making his contract term with the Bears run through April 30, 2024.

Broadus’ annual base salary is $300,000 but he can earn additional compensation through the performance-based incentives outlined below:

  • Conference tournament championship: $10,000
  • Participates in the NIT: $5,000
  • Per win in the NIT: $2,500
  • Per win in the NCAA Tournament: $10,000
  • Program advances to the Sweet 16: $50,000
  • Program advances to the Final Four: $100,000
  • Upon the recommendation of the Athletic Director and at the President’s sole discretion if Broadus is selected as conference Coach of the Year or by “the governing body of college basketball”: $10,000
  • If the program’s APR score meets or exceeds 950: $5,000


Broadus will also receive a monthly stipend of $500 as an automobile allowance.

One clause in his contract provides him the “authority to identify, select and promote all non-conference opponents,” subject to approval of the athletic director or the president’s designee. Broadus agrees to make sure his program generates a required minimum guarantee revenue of $395,000 annually.

If the university terminates the contract, Broadus will be paid 100 percent of his annual base salary for the remainder of the term of the agreement. Fifty percent of the amount of the annual base salary for the remainder of the term will be paid within 60 days of termination and 50 percent of the remaining amount will be paid in equal installments on a bi-weekly schedule over the remaining term of the agreement.

Broadus is also entitled to any incentive compensation which was accrued prior to the effective date of his termination.

If Broadus terminates his contract in order to accept “athletically-related employment or consulting in either intercollegiate athletics or professional sports employment,” he will pay the university 100 percent of his then current annual base salary if it occurs prior to April 30, 2020; 80 percent if it occurs prior to April 30, 2021; 60 percent if it occurs prior to April 30, 2022; 40 percent if it occurs prior to April 30, 2023; and 20 percent if it occurs after the conclusion of Morgan State’s last regular season game in 2024 and prior to the expiration of the contract term.

Broadus will receive a $200,000 budget for his support staff.

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