NCAA Tournament Projections As of Jan. 6

In this crazy season of college hoops, we all anxiously awaited the inaugural release of this year’s NCAA Evaluation Tool (NET) rankings. That day finally came on Monday, and to no one’s surprise it was a mixed bag of predictable programs at the top (Gonzaga and Baylor), teams surprisingly out of the top 20 (Kansas, Creighton and West Virginia) and the usual outliers (Colgate).

The top-ten teams were pretty much as expected, as all have jumped off to great starts and/or played powerhouse schedules to this point. The next group of ten featured mid-majors like Boise State and undefeated Drake. With The Valley going to a conference schedule where each team plays consecutive games against the same opponent, the games next Sunday and Monday in Des Moines between Loyola and Drake could go a long way in deciding the conference champion.

As you work your way down the NET rankings, some teams you expect to see annually in the Top 25 are missing. And when I say missing, I mean missing from the top 100. Who could have predicted at the beginning of the season that Duke, Michigan State and Kentucky would be outside the top 100 in January? Of course, all three could move up substantially during league play, especially considering the power conferences they reside in. But this will certainly be a huge talking point in the weeks ahead.

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LAST FOUR IN: Indiana, Seton Hall, Arkansas, NC State
FIRST FOUR OUT: Oklahoma, Purdue, Colorado State, BYU
NEXT FOUR OUT: Richmond, SMU, Maryland, Arizona State

Big Ten: 10
ACC: 9
SEC: 6
Big 12: 6
Big East: 5
Pac-12: 4
A-10: 2
MW: 2
AAC: 2

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