NCAA Tournament Projections As of March 12

Some notes on today’s bracket:

  • Beginning Saturday, I will do a complete “scrub” of the field just like the selection committee does. Scrubbing is the process of going down the bracket line-by-line making sure each team is better than the team below it. This time-consuming process often leads to minor changes which will be reflected in the final bracket posted Sunday.
  • The bubble has not cleared up throughout the week. In fact, it has become more muddled and not many teams have been eliminated.
  • UCLA and Louisville, by virtue of their losses in their respective conference tournaments, have joined the bubble. Both teams currently reside just outside the play-in games, but one or both could land in the “first four out” grouping if things break right.
  • Syracuse has completed their season and has worked its way into the field. Again, they still could move out of the field with some big victories by teams below them.
  • Boise State has been bumped from the field with their loss on Thursday. Utah State and Colorado State are still alive in the Mountain West tournament. They play each other on Friday night and the winner will surely get a spot in the bracket.
  • A new name moving up to challenge for a bid is Ole Miss. With a win Friday, the Rebels will work their way into the field.
  • The final bracket will be posted approximately a half hour before the selection show. We will also have plenty of updates throughout the weekend as we head to Selection Sunday. I will update my bracket daily on Twitter @tkbrackets. I will also have a special episode of the TKBrackets podcast each morning through Sunday. Check out the podcast and get caught up on all the past episodes right here at Buzzsprout or anywhere you go to listen to podcasts.

LAST FOUR IN: Drake, Utah State, Colorado State, Syracuse
FIRST FOUR OUT: Ole Miss, Boise State, Xavier, Seton Hall
NEXT FOUR OUT: Saint Louis, SMU, Memphis, St. John’s

Big Ten: 9
ACC: 8
Big 12: 7
SEC: 6
Pac-12: 4
Big East: 3
MW: 3
A-10: 2
AAC: 2
WCC: 2
MVC: 2