Alabama Has Competition As The Most Complete Team In College Football

Alabama might be the most complete team in the country once again, but a few teams are right up there with them and competing for that honorary title.

For some years now, it has been a given that Alabama has the most complete team in the nation. Nick Saban has built a powerhouse that excels in all facets of the game, one that can beat the opposition in a myriad of ways.

In 2016, though, there are some other teams that are starting to look like competition for the Crimson Tide, believes CBS Sports College Football Studio Analyst Brian Jones.

“I wouldn’t put ‘Bama in there all by themselves at this point. There are some others that can match them in the speed and power category, but it’s pretty close to them being by themselves. They’re impressive.”

There is one surprise school that has the college football world talking like it is 1991, and Jones is impressed with them.

“I like what Washington does. They’re very strong across the board. I haven’t really focused in on their special teams, but defensively and offensively they’re good. Their running backs might not have the name that these other cats in the SEC have, [but they’re good].”

The Huskies are back in the national picture after years of mediocrity. Chris Petersen has turned the program around, made Seattle a focal point and transformed Husky Stadium into an intimidating place for the opposition to play.

There are a couple of Big Ten teams that Jones said are as close, or even matched with Alabama, when it comes to being dominant on all sides of the ball.

“Ohio State, of course, is in there. J.T. Barrett is as good as they come. And they’re just young at all the other places, but still undefeated. [And] Michigan is good. I don’t know about Speight. I wouldn’t put him in there as one of the elite quarterbacks just yet. But everything else around him is comparable to ‘Bama.”

If fans are lucky, these four teams could very well fill the four spots in the College Football Playoff and the battle of who the most complete team is will be decided on the field.

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