Aly Raisman On Simone Biles: ‘Gymnastics Is Easier For Her Than For Me’

United States Olympian recently sat down with the Seth Davis Show to discuss, among other things, her competitive rivalry with teammate Simone Biles.

In 2012, Aly Raisman completed a feat that no other American before her had done: win an individual gold medal in the floor exercise. A member of the vaunted “Fierce Five,” Raisman’s gold has placed her in the annals of legendary American athletes.

Heading into the Rio de Janeiro Olympics four years later, Raisman was primed for a repeat, save one hurdle: teammate Simone Biles. The 19-year-old Biles is already recognized as arguably the greatest of all time. After an injury in December, Raisman recognized that it would be a tall task to fell her teammate.

“I had an ankle injury in December, and that was months before the Olympics. In order to beat her I would’ve had to upgrade,” Raisman told the Seth Davis Show. “It’s just too hard. Simone makes it look so easy. Gymnastics is easier for her than it is for me.”

When the dust settled, Biles claimed gold in the floor with a near-perfect routine, while Raisman collected silver. Despite the second-place finish, Raisman recognizes just how special her accomplishment is and hangs her hat on being part of a small, distinguished group.

“I’m really, really happy with how I did. Having the gold and then the silver, I mean that’s very hard to do. There are very few athletes in the world that are able to repeat that, so I’m very very proud of that.”

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