Army Unveils WWII Alternate Uniform For Navy Game

Army has released what might be the best alternate uniform of 2016 in college football for the annual game against Navy.

We’ve seen some pretty cool alternate uniforms in college football this year. Some have been throwbacks, some have been entirely new, and some have held historical significance. On Monday, Army unveiled a new uniform that pays tribute to the 82nd Airborne Division from World War II, and it is absolutely fantastic.

If you notice, there is a design laid out over the entire helmet that replicates the netting worn on the helmets of most soldiers during World War Two. Teams have worn uniforms that pay tribute to our veterans, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a helmet with the netting design. Incredibly awesome detail.

Also on the helmets will be different tactical symbols that were developed within the 82nd Airborne to help differentiate between units. In the photos above, you’ll notice the skull and bones logo, but there will be three logos in addition to this one that the players will wear. It is unclear as to whether or not each player will pick the symbol to be worn on their specific helmet or if they are assigned a symbol.

The right sleeve of each jersey will bear the 48-star American flag: our nation’s flag during WWII. To go along with this, an “All American” patch will be placed on the right chest to represent the fact that the initial members of the 82nd Airborne came from all 48 American states. The left jersey sleeve will have the 82nd’s official “AA” logo, where the two A’s signify “All American.”

On the upper right chest portion of the jersey, players will wear one of four different colored patches. These patches were developed during WWII to represent each regiment within the 82nd Airborne. Like with the helmet symbols, it is unclear whether the players will pick which patch they wear on their individual jersey of if they will all be assigned a certain specific patch.

The overall dark appearance of the uniform kit holds great significance as well. Since most of the 82nd’s more dangerous combat jumps took place at night and in the dark, the uniform was designed to be a combination of black and gray to represent those night jumps. To me, this might be the most creative element of the entire uniform, along with the helmet “netting.”

This is, without question, one of the top alternate uniforms we have seen this year in college football. The amount of thought and detail that went into these is incredible and extremely creative.

While I thought no school would top the alternate uniform worn by Air Force this season, Army may have torn down that barrier.

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