Benches Clear Three Times in Tigers’ Win Over the Yankees

The benches cleared three times in the Tigers’ 10-6 win over the Yankees on Thursday. 

The Tigers topped the Yankees 10-6 Thursday thanks to a bases-clearing double by Jose Iglesias in the seventh, but the win was overshadowed by three bench-clearing brawls.

Austin Romine and Miguel Cabrera exchanged blows in the sixth inning after a Tommy Kahnle pitch went behind Cabrera’s back at the plate. Both Romine and Cabrera were ejected.

“Cabrera went after [Romine] and you’re going to throw my catcher out for protecting himself?” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said after the game. “I mean, pay attention. Somebody’s got to pay attention to what’s going on in this game … I guess Romine is supposed to stand there and take a punch. Stupid.”

In the next inning, Dellin Betances hit James McCann in the helmet with a 98 mph fastball, inciting another bench-clearing brawl. In the eighth inning, Todd Frazier was hit in the thigh by Alex Wilson and the benches cleared again.

By the end of the game, both managers were ejected, along with five players and a coach. Wilson (2-4) was given the win and Betances (3-5) was given the loss after throwing just two pitches.

Punishments have yet to be handed out by MLB, it’s almost certain they are on the way.

“I have to watch the tape,” Girardi said. “I’m sure there are going to be suspensions on both sides. That’s upsetting to me, too, because we’re fighting for something and again, it was poorly handled. And then it got to the heat of the moment and boys are going to be boys in the heat of the moment. So if you’re not going to allow us to protect ourselves, what are you going to allow us to do?”

The Yankees host the Mariners Friday, while the Tigers head to Chicago to play the White Sox.