Best College Football Uniforms – Week 7

The best college football uniforms for Week 7 of the season, as Campus Insiders turns into #FashionInsiders. This week’s top threads give love to a blackout in Derby City.

Full disclosure: my mind has been extremely preoccupied over the last week with the Cubs being in the playoffs, and I’m sure I’m not alone on this. The strain that they put on my heart and overall well-being in games 3 and 4 of the NLDS was not healthy, and I’m quite certain I would be diagnosed with high blood pressure if I were to go in for a routine physical anytime soon. So be it. It’s the Cubs, and this is the price you pay for being a diehard fan.

We’re here to talk college football, however. Specifically the swag that it entails. And this week we have our best lineup of uniforms so far this season. It was a true struggle trying to narrow it down to just three.

Buckle up; it’s go time.

Best Uniforms For Week 7

NOTE: A thread count grading system is used to evaluate all uniforms. It was developed with proprietary technology in the Campus Insiders fashion lab, and ranges from 1-1,000.

3) Oklahoma


The Sooners will be busting out their “Rough Riders” uniform set this weekend for their Big 12 home opener against Kansas State. We’ve seen these threads in the past – Oklahoma first debuted them back in the 2014 season – and the Sooners have gone 3-1 while wearing them. My best guess is that they will be 4-1 once this game is completed.

My favorite part of the whole look is the helmet. A lot of detail was put into these things. The actual lids themselves are the OU crimson, but in a somewhat matte look. There’s also a dark, grainy texture to them. The “OU” logo is in Oklahoma’s cream color, as is the stripe down the middle. This goes really well with the all-black facemask, making it a rough and tumble look.

There isn’t anything extra special about the jerseys. What makes them stand out is the fact that Oklahoma has ditched their usual white font and gone with the cream color. This is also present on the collar of the jerseys, and where the red “OU” logo sits at the front. In fact, for all you history nerds, Oklahoma was using this cream color in their uniforms going all the way back to the early 1900s.

My one dislike with the tops is the aforementioned collar. I’m not a fan of that thick collar appearance. To me it looks too much like a baby bib. The Houston Texans are another example of a team that does this.

The pants are also the same cream color, with two red stripes going down the sides.

While this is a sweet uniform, it’s best that Oklahoma continues using it as an alternate. In some instances with sports uniforms, alternates can look awesome until they are over-worn. In my opinion, this is one of those cases. Wearing this set once a year is perfect and they should leave it at that.

Thread Count: 780 (could have been higher with a better jersey collar)

2) Utah


Well, for the second straight week we have a team making their second appearance of the season in the uni rankings. I’ve always liked what Utah does with their uniforms, but this year they seem to have jacked it up a notch.

According to their equipment team’s Twitter account, this is the first time that Utah will wear this exact uniform combination. Like I said the last time I wrote about the Utes, I love their helmet. The matte black look is about as good as it gets, and the chrome logo in those specific colors fits perfectly. It just pops due to the contrasting appearance from the rest of the helmet.

The jerseys are of the same design as their black ones from earlier in the season, only white. I’m not sure what it is about that red that Utah uses (maybe I’m just half color blind and it’s nothing special), but I love it. It’s almost a mix of dark and bright, which makes the letters and numbers really stand out and leaves you saying, “Wow, that looks good.”

(By the way if you need anymore #HotTakes for literally anything in your life, I’m usually available)

Like with their black tops, my favorite part of these jerseys is the sleeves. I absolutely love the red mountain look over the black background. It’s the little things in life that we all need to learn to appreciate.

I’m generally more of a Nike fan when it comes to football uniforms, but Under Armour is on to something here with Utah. Keep it up and keep ’em coming.

Thread count: 830

1) Louisville


You won’t normally hear me say good things about the Louisville athletic program after all the controversy it has been involved in over recent years. That said, they know how to look good on the football field.

This week will be a “blackout” game for the Cardinals, so naturally they are turning to an all black uniform set. Part of that uniform set is a brand new, matte black helmet, and it is gorgeous. (I generally refrain from using “gorgeous,” but this is a rare occasion. Feel lucky, Louisville. The red L fits perfectly on these things, and I love that there is no border around the L. Leaving it completely red makes it an extremely simple look and design, but it’s simultaneously awesome.

This is a formal request to the Louisville equipment team to send one of these bad boys to the Campus Insiders headquarters. I vow to wear it around the office everyday and charge head-first into the wall to make sure they work.

The jerseys are pretty legit as well. They are black (surprise!), but a lighter shade of black. If you look closely at the above picture, you can see what looks almost like a basketball net design in the jerseys. A pretty cool touch. Then you’ve got the the red fonts outlined in white to really stand out. The sleeves have a thick white stripe, sandwiched by a thinner red stripe, both up top and on the bottom.

Moving down to the pants, Louisville took the Cardinal outline logo that they used on their red chrome helmets, only this logo is red, and slapped it on their left hip. It’s a perfect way of using red while sticking with the blackout theme.

They say that wearing red sends an intimidating signal to your opponent, which I won’t argue with. Psychologists tend to know more about that stuff than me. That being said, a good team wearing an all black uniform is even more intimidating.

Thread Count: 900

Honorable Mentions



Indiana is going with their “candy stripe” uniforms this week. They are good, but just not good enough to crack the top 3. Better luck next time, Hoosiers.

Gus Malzahn

Sep 24, 2016; Auburn, AL, USA; Auburn Tigers head coach Gus Malzahn celebrates after the Tigers beat the LSU Tigers 18-13 at Jordan Hare Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know that Auburn is now 3-0 this season since Gus Malzahn switched to a traditional hat/cap from his customary visor? Well, now you do. Tiger fans should send thank you notes to Malzahn’s daughters for pointing out their father’s thinning hair and ushering in a new era on The Plains.

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