Best College Football Uniforms – Week 8

The best college football uniforms for Week 8 of the season, as Campus Insiders turns into #FashionInsiders. This week’s rankings give the ACC some love.

Alright, people, we’re now over halfway through the college football season, if you can even believe it. Alabama is still Alabama, Ohio State is still Ohio State, and Michigan finally cracked the top three in the latest AP rankings, setting up what will hopefully be an epic showdown in Columbus to close out the regular season. Let’s just hope Jim Harbaugh doesn’t get too sidetracked by then and forget about the game. Anything seems possible with that guy.

This week in our uniform rankings, we’ve got quite the mix of colors involved. Buckle up, it’s showtime.

Best Uniforms For Week 8

NOTE: A thread count grading system is used to evaluate all uniforms. It was developed with proprietary technology in the Campus Insiders fashion lab, and ranges from 1-1,000.

3) Virginia Tech

Chris Humphreys - USA Today Sports
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The Hokies are going with their all-maroon look on Thursday night as they play host to the Miami Hurricanes (we’ll get to them in a bit). There’s nothing new about their uniform this week, but the maroon-maroon-maroon combo deserves recognition when it makes its appearance.

I like the triple-stripe design that is used on these VT helmets. The two outer white stripes are reminiscent of the navy stripes on the Tennessee Titans’ helmets, and it’s a look that I’ve always been fond of. Tech took it one step further, though, and added an orange stripe between the two white ones. Way to set yourselves apart, guys.

The jerseys to be worn by the Hokies are extremely simple: all maroon with an orange collar, white font, and tripled-striped sleeves. The orange on both the collar and sleeves really pops off the maroon jersey to create a perfectly crisp look when coupled with white. Jerseys like this never get enough respect solely because of how easy they are.

For the pants, they’ll be entirely maroon with the VT logo on the right hip. There’s nothing to them, but in this instance, that’s a good thing. It’s generally a bad idea to have a simplistic jersey with very detailed pants, or vice versa.

Again, there isn’t anything particularly special about these threads, and that is perfectly okay.

Thread Count: 710

2) Colorado

Chris Humphreys – USA Today Sports

Colorado is doing its best to knock off Utah as my favorite team when it comes to uniforms. Like Utah, there really isn’t a uniform combination in Colorado’s repertoire that I dislike. Some are better than the others, but none of them are bad. This week, the Buffaloes are going exclusively grey/silver.

If you want to talk about a good-looking lid, look no further. I’m quite certain that I love these helmets, and for good reason. (I finally know what true love feels like) The silver-ish, metallic look is, unfortunately, a rarity in college football, so good thing Colorado exists (Props to Ulysses S. Grant for making Colorado a state. You’re my boy, U!) When you throw the black and gold buffalo logo on the sides and the all-black facemask on the front, you’ve got yourself one of the finest helmets in the game.

The grey jersey and pants make a cool look than can catch you off guard if you’ve never seen it before. Normally we don’t associate grey uniforms with football, but the Seattle Seahawks and Colorado are doing their best to make it a “thing.” Colorado edges Seattle in the Battle Of Grey, and I hope the Buffs keep wearing this uniform in the coming seasons.

Now, as you’ll see by watching the embedded video, my colleague, Shae, doesn’t exactly agree with my taste when it comes to Colorado’s uniforms. But you know what? That’s perfectly fine. Shae will one day reach my level of fashion expertise and our views will align.

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1) Miami (FL)


A while back, Miami announced that they would begin wearing new “Legend of the U” throwback uniforms as their permanent look, and man was this a wise decision. They already debuted their new orange home tops, but when they take on the aforementioned Hokies of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, they’ll be donning their new road unis for the first time. Both uniform sets are meant to represent the look worn by the Canes throughout their glory years in the 1980s and 1990s.

I won’t dissect the entire uniform like I normally do. Instead, I’ll let you just look at it yourself and take in all its glory. But, and there’s always a “but,” I need to say that Miami’s green and orange color-combo is one of the best color pairs in all of college football. And these uniforms specifically do a great job of showing off those colors.

The white jersey really lets the colors pop out. I don’t mean to keep referencing professional sports franchises, but if you look that the white sweaters worn by the Chicago Blackhawks during their road games, it’s the same concept. The white top lets all the colors in the Blackhawks’ logo stand out even more so than when they wear red. With Miami, the white perfectly compliments the orange and green.

Unlike with Colorado, Shae and I are in agreement on these (high five, Shae). You won’t find a better throwback look in college football. Also, you can check out this video I made that contains some more information about Miami’s new look.

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Hot Take Of The Week

Another co-worker of mine, we’ll call him Brian, is an Auburn alumnus and a diehard fan of the Tigers. He had this to say about their game this weekend: “Auburn has asked fans to wear navy this week instead of orange, and I hate it because navy doesn’t pop as much as a stadium full of orange.”

Well put, my friend. Well put.

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