Big 12 Bowl Projections – Week 12

Big 12 bowl projections for Week 12. Keep an eye on Oklahoma, while West Virginia remains in the College Football Playoff mix as well.

Do not discount the Big 12 in the race toward a berth in the College Football Playoff.

Oklahoma remains a strong candidate despite having two losses because it is one of the hotter teams in the country, while West Virginia has just one setback and continues to impress. Oklahoma at West Virginia is a huge game next Saturday, while Oklahoma State travels to Oklahoma the following week. Imagine if the Cowboys did not lost at home to Central Michigan in the game that featured a controversial ending. How high would the Pokes be in the CFP rankings?

No matter how everything shakes out, an Oklahoma State-USC Alamo Bowl would be quite the fun watch, and that is the projection for the Pokes this week.

Where is your favorite Big 12 squad slated to go this postseason?

Week 12 Big 12 Bowl Projections

Armed Forces Bowl

Date: Dec. 23
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Tie-ins: AAC/Big 12/Navy (automatically takes spot if eligible)
Armed Forces Bowl Projection: Kansas State vs. Navy

Cactus Bowl

Date: Dec. 27
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Tie-ins: Big 12/Pac-12
Cactus Bowl Projection: TCU vs. Cal

Texas Bowl

Date: Dec. 28
Location: Houston, Texas
Tie-ins: Big 12/SEC
Texas Bowl Projection: Baylor vs. Ole Miss

Russell Athletic Bowl

Date: Dec. 28
Location: Orlando, Florida
Tie-ins: ACC/Big 12
Russell Athletic Bowl Projection: Miami vs. West Virginia

Alamo Bowl

Date: Dec. 29
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Tie-ins: Big 12/Pac-12
Alamo Bowl Projection: Oklahoma State vs. USC

Liberty Bowl

Date: Dec. 30
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Tie-ins: Big 12/SEC
Liberty Bowl Projection: Texas vs. Kentucky

Sugar Bowl

Date: Jan. 2
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Tie-ins: Big 12/SEC
Sugar Bowl Projection: Oklahoma vs. LSU

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