Big 12 Conference Bowl Record All-Time

Looking at the Big 12 Conference’s bowl record all-time with Bowl Season upon us. Here’s how the Big 12 has faired in its bowl games, as well as which teams tend to do best in the postseason.

Of the Power 5 conferences, only the SEC and Pac-12 have all-time winning records in postseason play. However, a strong showing from the Big 12 this Bowl Season could see it become the third Power 5 conference to break the .500 mark in their bowl history.

While many of the conference’s teams currently hail from the old Southwest Conference, the Big 12 is the newest of the current Power conferences. Overall, out of the conference’s 10 members, only Iowa State, Texas Tech, Kansas State and West Virginia have losing records in postseason play.

However, many of the teams have seen a dip in their overall bowl win percentage since they joined the conference. For instance, Oklahoma is eight games above .500 in the postseason all-time, but is actually one game below .500 as a member of the Big 12. Their in-state rivals have also suffered a drop since the start of the conference, with Oklahoma State holding an overall .615 win-percentage, but sitting at .500 while in the Big 12.

Several teams have actually seen a boost to their bowl fortunes as members of the Big 12, as Texas Tech has a losing postseason record overall, yet sits two games over as conference members. Kansas—despite a small sample size—has also improved from two games below-.500 outside the Big 12 to two games above-.500 in the Big 12.

The conference was relatively successful during the BCS Era, as its 22 BCS bowl appearances were third amongst all conferences, behind only the Big Ten and SEC. What was more impressive was the Big 12’s seven BCS championship game appearances, including Oklahoma’s national title in 2000 and Texas’ championship five seasons later. That being said, the Longhorns and the Sooners represented most of the Big 12’s success during the BCS, as they accounted for seven of the conference’s 10 BCS-bowl wins.

The Playoff era has been less kind to the Big 12, as it was left out from the first CFP, failed to advance to the title game in the second and was again frozen out in the third edition. Big 12 teams are also 0-3 all-time in New Year’s Six bowls under the new system.

Below is the bowl record for every current team in the Big 12, as well as the conference’s all-time bowl record.

Big 12’s All-Time Bowl Game Records

Note: First record listed is the program’s all-time record, while the record in parenthesis is its mark since joining the conference.

Conference’s Overall Record


Big 12

Oklahoma: 28-20-1 (8-9)
Oklahoma State: 16-10 (7-7)
West Virginia: 15-19 (1-2)
Baylor: 11-11 (3-3)
Kansas State: 7-12 (5-10)
Texas Tech: 14-22-1 (9-7)
TCU: 15-15-1 (2-1)
Texas: 27-24-2 (10-7)
Kansas: 6-6 (3-1)
Iowa State: 3-9 (3-5)

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