Brandon Harris Talks Trash With Ole Miss Fan On Twitter

Brandon Harris got into a bit of trash talk with an Ole Miss fan on Twitter. It may be the offseason, but smack talk knows no off days.

It isn’t too often that we see college athletes call out their hecklers, which likely because programs have instilled that it is a stupid idea to confront keyboard warriors. However, none of that made a difference to Brandon Harris when the 20-year-old direct messaged someone who didn’t seem to be the biggest LSU fan.

Things got a little more interesting when the quarterback didn’t get the response he wanted from the fan… Harris decided to use the middle-finger emoji to express what was on his mind.

Maybe what was really on Harris’ brain is that Ole Miss has taken two of the last three installments of the Magnolia Bowl. Or perhaps that he was 26/51 and threw two picks in LSU’s 38-17 loss to the Rebels last season.

Will Harris make a redemptive statement on October 22nd when the Rebels head to Death Valley? Only time will tell.

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