Brian Kelly Comments On NCAA Infractions: ‘This Has Nothing To Do With Me’

Brian Kelly commented on Notre Dame’s NCAA infractions announced on Tuesday, saying that “this has nothing to do with me.”

On Tuesday, the NCAA released a report citing infractions committed by Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish were found guilty of committing academic misconduct and were prescribed multiple penalties, including vacating all wins from the 2012-13, when Notre Dame was the BCS runner-up to Alabama, and 2013-14 seasons.

One player was found to have committed academic misconduct on his own, while a former student athletic trainer provided impermissible academic benefits to multiple other players.

The Fighting Irish will appeal the vacated wins, which amount to 21 in total – 12 from 2012-13 and 9 from 2013-14. In addition, Notre Dame has been handed a public reprimand, $5,000 fine, one-year of probation from Nov. 22, 2016-Nov. 21, 2017, two-year show-cause order for the former student trainer from Nov. 22, 2016-Nov. 21, 2018 and been ordered to dissociate the former student trainer from the university’s athletics program from Nov. 22, 2016-Nov. 21, 2018.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly addressed the infractions shortly after their release, stating that he does not believe it affects his status with the Fighting Irish.

“I have no reason to believe that I’m not [going to be Notre Dame’s coach],” Kelly said in response to being asked if he’ll be the Irish’s coach in 2017.

“This matter has nothing to do with me and my status here. This academic piece probably strengthens what I’ve been doing, relative to advocating for our student athletes and the support staff necessary for them to be successful.”

Kelly went on to say that any criticism surrounding him is focused on the team’s current record, not the infractions found by the NCAA.

“This obviously has been something going on for a few years. The announcement that comes out today has nothing to do with lack of or additional support for Brian Kelly. Any criticism out there about me right now is because we’re 4-7. It has nothing to do with the public announcement that came out today.”

Kelly also stated that he feels the NCAA’s punishment is “excessive.”

The Fighting Irish are currently preparing for their regular-season finale against rival USC. The game is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 26 at 3:30 p.m. ET from Los Angeles.

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