Cam Robinson On Clemson Grabbing: ‘They Better Not Try Me Like That’

Alabama offensive lineman Cam Robinson says the Clemson players better not be poking or grabbing anything on him during the national championship game.

During Clemson’s 31-0 victory over Ohio State in the College Football Playoff semifinal game on Saturday, defensive lineman Christian Wilkins made headlines by grabbing the butt and groin area of Ohio State’s Curtis Samuel.

Wilkins and the Tigers will now face No. 1 Alabama and offensive lineman Cam Robinson in Monday’s title game. Robinson, the 2016 Outland Trophy winner and All-American selection, was blunt on Wednesday when discussing Wilkins’ antics.

“They [Clemson players] better not try me like that,” Robinson said. “That’s all I got to say.”

Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware stated the following earlier on Wednesday in support of his teammate.

“That stuff kind of annoys me. The game is so serious and it’s so locked in out there, you try to do stuff just to have fun, to break up the seriousness of the game. People are trying to say ‘sexual assault’ – people that say that have either never played football, have never been in a locker room and seen the weird stuff. We’re together every day for years and years and years. You get very comfortable around each other. I know there’s going to be that one person: ‘Well, I played football and I never did that.’ You either sucked at football, you had no friends in the locker room, or you were the person that went in the bathroom stall to go change because you were scared to shower with the team. We do that stuff just have fun out there, just to mess with the team. I know none of those players care…’Do you all practice this at Clemson?’ No, we practice beating y’all by 49 points. That’s something I did on the side. It’s annoying, because the players don’t care. Like, you saw [Curtis] Samuel didn’t do anything at all. That’s for the media to blow that up. Yes, Christina went – he went about four fingers deep. He went a little too far. But when I’m just messing with somebody, poking them in the belly button or grabbing someone’s butt, it’s just to break up the seriousness of the game. The people who are freaking out about that have never played the game, or were just losers who didn’t have any friends when they played the game. It’s annoying.”

An already interesting championship game rematch has become must-watch television, if only to see what happens if a Clemson player does get handsy with one of the Crimson Tide players.

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