Charlie Strong Preaches Core Values To Longhorns

Texas head coach Charlie Strong consistently preaches core values to his team amidst all of the recent trouble in college football.

With all of the controversies and problems surrounding college football programs recently, Texas head coach Charlie Strong says he constantly preaches how to stay out of bad situations and keep true to the program’s values.

“I tell them each and every day that we have to work and don’t ever take it for granted and become complacent because those problems that are happening at other places could very easily happen here,” Strong said in an exclusive interview with Campus Insiders. “It just takes one slip. You have to talk about, and you have to stay ahead of it.”

Texas has been a beneficiary of the troubles down in Waco at Baylor, gaining a few extra recruits that decided to leave the Bears program after head coach Art Briles was fired. As for keeping his own team on the straight and narrow, Strong says the message to his team remains constant.

“We’ve got our core values all over the building, and anytime I start a meeting I tell them right away guys, this is who we are, this is what we are all about and just making sure they understand how important it is,” Strong said. “It’s nothing but how you live your life. You have to have something within your life that is important to you.”

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