Former Florida Gators QB Chris Leak Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Minor

Former Florida Gators quarterback Chris Leak has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor at the high school where he served as head football coach.

Former Florida Gators quarterback Chris Leak is under investigation for sexually assaulting a minor. Leak, who was head football coach at Edgewater High School in Orlando, Florida, allegedly coerced a 16-year-old student to give him a sensual massage following a practice on Labor Day weekend.

According to the victim’s testimony given to police, Leak told the student that his massage therapist was unavailable and negotiated a price for the service. He also allegedly accused the girl of breaching trust by sleeping with a member of the football team, a trust he claimed could be repaired by way of a massage.

Following is a portion of the complainant’s police statement:

On Labor Day, I stayed late after practice. Coach Leak said he was sweaty from practice and needed to take a shower and came out in a towel. Coach Leak told me to put on soothing music and the lights were off. Coach Leak laid down on the training bench on his stomach. I massaged the back of his legs for 15 minutes. I told him I was done because my hands got tired. Coach Leak then rolled over on his back. Coach Leak then told me to massage the front of his legs. He pulled my hands up to touch his penis. My hand grazed his penis a few times. His penis was hard when I touched it. At that point I got up and said I was done. I walked out of the office and walked off campus.

The complaintant went on to allege that Leak then bought her food and gave her a ride home. He also allegedly gave the victim’s friend, whom she had told about the incident, $100 after the fact.

Leak was a 5-star quarterback out of Independent High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. After early struggles in his college career, he would go on to lead the Gators to a national championship in 2006 under then-head coach Urban Meyer. Leak would later serve as a grad assistant and wide receivers coach during the latter part of Will Muschamp’s tenure with the school.

This was Leak’s first season as head coach at Edgewater High School. He resigned from his position on Monday. As of post, the police investigation is still pending and no charges have yet been filed.