Chris Leak’s Sexual Assault Case Dropped

Chris Leak was accused of sexual assault two weeks ago by a high school student, but the case has been dropped per police.

The sexual assault case against former Florida Gators quarterback Chris Leak was dropped on Monday, according to a report from WTXL. The 16-year-old girl, who, among other things, accused Leak of forcing her to touch him inappropriately, has decided to not press charges.

Leak was the head football coach of Edgewater High School (Orlando, Florida) at the time of the accusation, but has since resigned. Prior to that, he was the wide receivers coach at his alma mater (2014), who he helped lead to a national championship as the starting quarterback in 2006. The Edgewater position was Leak’s first head-coaching job.

Despite the case being dropped, Leak still faces an uphill battle to repair his image, as pointed out by his attorney, Tim Jansen.

“The bad thing is, even though you’re cleared, there are no charges, a person with that high of a profile, the mere allegation has tarnished, or left some people, wondering,” Jansen said. “He’s going to have to assure people, like always, he’s never done anything wrong.”

“When this thing happened, he wanted to really focus on himself, getting to clear these allegations. He’s never been in trouble before, never been a hint of any allegations, so he didn’t want to take away from the players and the year they were having, so he resigned from the position. He’s relived it’s over. He’s disappointed that the allegations, which he believes were false came forward, but like everybody, we all move forward in our lives.”

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