College Football News Roundup – November 7

A college football news roundup that includes Cincinnati athletic director Mike Bohn defending head coach Tommy Tuberville and Oregon power booster Phil Knight willing to throw a lot of money at a new football coach.

Chicago is starting to recover from the awesomeness that was this past Wednesday night and the celebration that followed, including the World Series Championship parade on Friday that had five million people in the city. I, myself, need some time to rest and let what happened sink in.

In college football, Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly is out for the season with a torn ACL, Campus Insiders broke down the new AP Poll with some takeaways, and you have to watch the Ohio State band’s performance from Saturday night. Here are some other newsworthy notes in the latest college football news roundup.

Showing Signs Of Weariness? – After losing to BYU 20-3, Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville was walking off the field when he got into confrontation with a fan, with the head coach telling the fan, “Hey, go to hell. Get a job! Get a job!”

On Sunday, Cincinnati athletic director Mike Bohn defended his coach.

“Coach Tuberville was put in a no-win situation in front of his team last night which resulted in an out of character response from him,” Bohn said in the statement. “He expressed frustrations from an emotional game. Our team, led by our seniors, is fully engaged with coach and his staff to fight to the finish.”

Chip Kelly Not Coming Back … For Now – With rumors spreading everywhere that San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly is planning on returning to the collegiate ranks, sources close to Kelly have said that he is not interested.

Let’s see if he pulls a Nick Saban circa 2006.

Show Him The Money – Sorry about the 20-year-old reference, I’m working on fumes this morning. Anyway, Phil Knight wants a title for his alma mater Oregon, and he is willing to throw some money at any coach that will get him one.

Per a report, Knight would give $10 million or more at a new football coach. Current Ducks coach Mark Helfrich might want to polish off that resume.

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