College Football News Roundup – October 13

A college football news roundup that includes Steve Spurrier admitting retirement isn’t all its cracked up to be and Washington quarterback Jake Browning being punished with push-ups.

The weather has taken a turn to the briskness of fall that makes you want to cuddle up under a blanket with a bottle of red wine and start watching Love Actually to get into the mood for the holiday season. Just me? Okay, then. Let’s carry on.

In college football news, LSU running back Leonard Fournette faces a choice of whether to play or start preparing for the NFL, Duke head coach David Cutcliffe praises the Louisville offense, and Virginia Tech head coach Justin Fuente talks about how Gary Patterson affected his coaching style. Here are some other newsworthy notes in the latest college football news roundup.

Well, That Was Fast – Just a year after retiring from coaching, Steve Spurrier has struggled with all the downtime that comes when not running a college football program.

“Oh, I’m a little bored,” Spurrier said. “I don’t know who I’m consulting. I go watch practice every now and then and watch a little tape and make some suggestions but that’s all. Their terminology and mine are completely different. We don’t even know what the other one is talking about half the time.”

I’m sure there is a high school team that would love to have his services.

That’s 499 – After taunting an Oregon player while crossing the end zone in Washington’s 70-21 demolishing of the Ducks, quarterback Jake Browning was ordered to do 500 push-ups as punishment by head coach Chris Petersen.

Let’s hope his arms heal in time for the Huskies’ next game.

We Have Coach’s Back – After head coach Brian Kelly has taken some criticism for throwing some of his players under the bus, Notre Dame players have come to the defense of their coach.

“That’s tough. You never really — obviously some guys don’t perform in every game and it’s tough at this level,” senior linebacker and captain James Onwualu said. “Obviously we don’t love seeing that from a head coach, but sometimes it’s necessary, I guess.”

Here’s a tip to Kelly: sometimes you have to take a look in the mirror.

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