College Football News Roundup – October 31

A college football news roundup that includes both FSU and Pittsburgh being fined for the actions of its head coaches and Les Miles hiring a new agent.

My disdain for Halloween is not a secret. It is pointless, idiotic, and worse than a Chrisley Knows Best marathon. It brings out the absolute worst in people, and I have despised it from an early age. Haunted houses aren’t my thing, nor are scary movies and lots of candy. The worst are people who are too old to go trick or treating but think it is cute. They are why we can’t have nice things. But I digress …

In college football, Jalen Hurd is reportedly transferring from Tennessee, we at Campus Insiders have updated our coaches hot seat rankings, and have also offered a few takeaways from the AP Top 25. Here are some other newsworthy notes in the latest college football news roundup.

You Have Been Fined – After both Jimbo Fisher and Pat Narduzzi criticized the ACC officials following their respective games, Florida State and Pittsburgh have both been fined for the actions of their head coaches.

The Seminoles – fined $20,000 – lost 37-34 to Clemson and Fisher called a fourth-quarter penalty “cowardly, gutless and wrong.”

In Narduzzi’s case, the Pitt coach was upset over pass interference calls and non-calls, saying that Virginia Tech “did a great job pushing off all night.” Pittsburgh was fined $5,000 for the comments.

Gahhhhh – While celebrating a teammate’s touchdown in the loss to Georgia Tech on Saturday, Duke’s leading rusher Jela Duncan suffered a torn Achilles tendon and will miss the rest of the season.

Is That Les Miles’ Music? – Well, Miles just might be reading my SEC Football Vibes column after all, as he has reappeared in the news. Miles has hired a new agent to help him find another coaching job.

“I’m fighting like heck trying to win a championship at another place,” Miles said.

Come back, Les. We have missed you.

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