Florida Should Take Notes From Alabama On How To Stop LSU

After watching Alabama dominate LSU using the 5-2 defensive formation, Florida should consider using the same strategy.

LSU went into the Alabama game humming on offense, scoring 125 points in its three previous games. Alabama had other ideas, shutting out the Tigers and holding them to just 125 yards of total offense.

According to Gator Nation Football Podcast, Florida and defensive coordinator Jeff Collins should take a page out of what the Crimson Tide were able to do to stop running back Leonard Fournette and the LSU offense.

“When you put on the Alabama tape, something really interesting happens. Alabama primarily ran a 5-2 defense every time LSU was either in the 12-man or 13-man personnel [package]. So, if they had two or less receivers on the field, Alabama went straight to a 5-2: five defensive linemen and two linebackers. They [Alabama] just obliterated the line of scrimmage.”

The Crimson Tide focused on shutting down the LSU running game that features Fournette and Derrius Guice, and it worked, holding the Tigers to 33 rushing yards. One reason they were so successful was the fact that pass coverage was not a priority for the Tide.

“When they pulled out of that and they were in a three wide receiver or four wide receiver set, Alabama pulled into our base defense, except they did something that was really interesting: they used a linebacker to spy on the running back every single play. So they weren’t even concerned with their linebackers helping in traditional pass defense. They literally just shot the gap to where the running back would be for a flats pass, and it fooled LSU six or seven times during this game.”

The Florida defense is one of the best in the country, but injuries have piled up for the unit. Still, the Gators could use this strategy, especially running the 5-2 defense, to help contain LSU.

“Alabama ran two simple defenses the entire game and did not let LSU gain hardly any yards or score a point. If I’m Jeff Collins, I’m absolutely going to do that.”

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