Roundtable: Has FSU or LSU Been More Disappointing This Season

Both FSU and LSU have underwhelmed so far this season, with the latter even canning its head coach. But who’s been more disappointing so far? The Campus Insiders team discusses in this roundtable.

Jonathan Bass

If we’re talking about the treatment of coaches, then that’d be LSU. A championship-winning coach should never be fired mid-season. In in that respect, LSU is extremely disappointing.

As for an overall team, that’d be Florida State. Under Jimbo Fisher, you could normally pencil in home games as a W. Not anymore, following that showing against UNC. So there’s strike one. Now throw in the dismembering from Louisville and that’s strike two. If not for Ole Miss’ inability to play a complete game, FSU would be 2-3.

The defense is a sieve, and Fisher’s teams rely too much on second-half comebacks. At what point does the narrative flip from Fisher being a great in-game coach to one who doesn’t properly prepare his teams?

Dave Miller

As someone who believed that the Seminoles had a chance to come out of the ACC Atlantic, win the league championship and earn a spot into the College Football Playoff, I would have to say that FSU has been the biggest disappointment. Not only were the Seminoles blown out by Louisville, but a home loss to UNC gave the ‘Noles two losses before the first weekend of October was even over. The worst part about the team’s struggles is the fact that the defense is much too talented to be playing so poorly.

LSU has certainly disappointed, and the struggles ended up costing Les Miles his job. But FSU had a little bit more of a clear path to a CFP berth, which was expected by many fans, alumni and college football observers, and it failed miserably–very early in the season.

Brian Stultz

Is there no third option? Okay, then. I’m going with LSU. As my esteemed colleague Jonathan Bass pointed out earlier in this piece, Les Miles should have never been axed by the Tigers. Now, they are stuck with Ed Orgeron, who may be great when serving as an interim coach and nothing is really on the line for him, but isn’t the answer long-term for the Bayou Bengals. Based on the talent that LSU has and the way the Tigers have lost (not being able to score points), I’m taking the Bayou Bengals over the Seminoles for most disappointing.

Jeff Bartl

After the song and dance the LSU administration and boosters went through over trying to fire Les Miles and then allowing him to stay following last season, I can’t say I’m surprised by LSU’s 3-2 record. The distraction hung into this year, and then Miles was kicked out the door in a way that would’ve been one of the most disrespectful things I’ve seen, until Ed Orgeron said at his introductory press conference that it was “A great day for Tiger football” hours after Miles had been let go.

FSU easily is the bigger disappointment here considering how easily its flaws have been exposed by Ole Miss, Louisville and North Carolina. Last week’s home loss to the Tar Heels – especially the way it happened – simply isn’t acceptable in Tallahassee. And the schedule doesn’t get much easier with Miami, Clemson and Florida still on the docket.

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