Jalen Hurd Explains Reason Behind Transfer From Tennessee

Jalen Hurd has explained the reason for his unexpected decision to transfer from the Tennessee Volunteers.

Less than a week after deciding to transfer from the University of Tennessee, Jalen Hurd has broken his silence regarding the move. On Sunday evening, Hurd typed out an explanation and posted it on his Twitter feed.

“I want to say thank you to the University of Tennessee for everything it did for me. Tennessee has and always will be my home. Transferring was completely my decision. It was not a decision made rashly but once I have been thinking about for quite some time. While everyone may not agree with it, I feel it is in my best interest.”

The running back stated that his reason for opening up was to set the record straight, and put to rest any rumors that he is a malcontent. There have been many narratives spun throughout message boards and blogs that a pouty Hurd had refused to enter the game against South Carolina, driving a deep rift with his teammates. Such is not the case, according to the running back.

“I understood that the media would create multiple storylines as to why I made the decision so I want to inform you the truth. I came to Tennessee to help turn around a program that had stalled for years and create something special.

“I don’t want anyone questioning my character because I have always tried my best to be respectful of my coaches and considerate of the Vol community throughout my career. I have suffered multiple injuries this year that were not and should not have been disclosed including a concussion that sidelined me for the A&M game.”

Around the time news was breaking that he would transfer, a message board poster believed to be Hurd’s uncle claimed that much of the decision was due to Tennessee coaches promising to run more out of the I formation. According to the poster, those were hollow promises. While Hurd did not explicitly state this being the reason for his transfer, he did allude to playing in a system that did not fully maximize his abilities.

“Coming to Tennessee, I understood the read option offense may not be the best fit for me, but I put that aside for my love of Tennessee and wanting to be part of a beloved program. While I had hoped for scheme adjustments to suit my strengths, this did not happen on a consistent enough basis. This did have a factor in my decision as I want to play in an offensive scheme that highlights my abilities to run but also expands to allow me to show my abilities to catch the ball and be a mismatch for defenses.

“While I won’t disclose every detail in my decision, I did want to shed light on certain things that led to one of the biggest life decisions I have made.”

Much like Butch Jones when addressed the situation, Hurd took the high road while expressing his respect for the program and coaches.

“I have nothing but respect for all of my coaches. I wish this program all the success. Thank you to all the fans and the entire Vol nation. Y’all are amazing and one of the best in the country!!”

In two and a half seasons (33 games) with the Volunteers, Hurd rushed for 2,635 yards and 20 touchdowns. In sum, he amassed 3,127 yards of total offense and accounted for 46 total touchdowns.

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