Roundtable: What’s The Best Fit For Jarrett Stidham

What’s the best fit for transfer quarterback Jarrett Stidham? The Campus Insiders team discusses his college options.

Robert Judin

If we’re talking about the best fit, there is no better option for Jarrett Stidham than Florida. The Gators have young weapons all around the offense, they just need someone to get the ball to them. Jim McElwain wants to stretch the field vertically, but he can’t exactly do that right now with what he’s working with in Gainesville.

Having said that, two separate sources have told me Stidham is not going to Florida. I believe he’ll end up at Auburn. But in terms of best fit, I’m saying the Gators would provide the most palatable option for the former 5-star quarterback.

Brian Stultz

This is an easy answer: Auburn. Jarrett Stidham would become a star in Gus Malzahn’s offense, a similar scheme to the one run at Baylor. Auburn also needs a quarterback, as Sean White cannot stay healthy, John Franklin III is most definitely not the answer, and who knows what Woody Barrett will do. Stidham would come in and immediately be the favorite to start under center. Oh, and Malzahn and Art Briles, Stidham’s head coach at Baylor, are good friends.

Dave Miller

I had heard a lot about Stidham before he arrived at Baylor, so when I saw him get a lot of playing time for the Bears as a true freshman in 2015, I was very impressed. I don’t immediately heap praise on young gunslingers because I want to see development first, but the numbers—1,265 yards and 12 touchdowns to only two interceptions—didn’t lie. He has good size and a great arm, and he can hurt you with his legs.

The transition to Gus Malzahn’s offense would be fairly seamless. Seeing him in that offense with three years of eligibility remaining (or even if it’s only two if he leaves early) would be very good for the #GusBus. Sean White is very solid, but he is a bit injury-prone. Auburn needs to ensure that its offense is back to its prolific ways for a full season in 2017.

Jonathan Bass

I’m surprised about the lack of mention for Texas A&M. There is a gaping hole under center, with the only competition being incoming freshman Kellen Mond. Christian Kirk and Trayveon Williams (and probably Speedy Noil) will return. Coupled with incoming wideout Jhamon Ausbon, that makes for a potent set of skill players. Also, Kevin Sumlin is the only head coach of the teams mentioned here to oversee a Heisman winner while head coach. Toss in the fact that Stidham’s home town is three hours from College Station, and Bob’s your uncle.*

*Disregard everything I just wrote if Houston, who has reportedly been doing its due diligence, hires Art Briles.

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