Livin’ B1G: Sorry Not Sorry, Ohio State Fans

Taking a side in the Michigan vs. Ohio State rivalry, checking in on Purdue fans and wondering when others will get on the Maryland bandwagon in the latest edition of Livin’ B1G.

It was bound to happen. I knew it the second the column went live on this site.

I called Michigan the best team in the Big Ten, and the name-calling began.

Comments on the Campus Insiders Facebook page referred to me as a hack. I learned that I must possess many morons, judging by all the “your a moron” jabs. Not surprisingly, those comments and many of the like came from people young and old with profile pictures of them wearing Ohio State gear and/or sharing a location based somewhere in Ohio.

Sorry, Buckeye fans, but I stand by what I wrote. I believe the Wolverines’ defense is good enough for Michigan to shut down that explosive Ohio State offense, win what’s sure to be a battle of unbeatens in Columbus, take home the Big Ten championship and appear in the College Football Playoff.

Yes, I know Ohio State beat Rutgers, 58-0. I also know that Michigan “only won 14-7” against Wisconsin. But I will not be swayed, Buckeye fans. Under Jim Harbaugh, the Wolverines you despise so much are back, and it won’t be another 42-13 Ohio State romp like last season.

Call me all the names you want. I, even as a Michigan State Spartan, gladly will side with the Maize and Blue on this one.

Plus, you never know what Harbaugh will think of next:

… Last week, Livin’ B1G checked in on Purdue fans clamoring for athletic director Mike Bobinski to dismiss Darrell Hazell and hire recently fired LSU coach Les Miles. And that was all before the Boilermakers were embarrassed by Maryland in a 50-7 loss this past Saturday.

Purdue finished with 10 rushing yards. Maryland had 400. Those aren’t typos.

Let’s see how Purdue fans are feeling after that one…

There were plenty more tweet to choose from, too. I’ll be honest, after seeing that score I kept thinking about USC firing Lane Kiffin at the airport and how Hazell could meet the same demise. Actually, I thought there was a chance Bobinski would take Hazell to the nearest IHOP and just can him right there over a stack of hotcakes.

That didn’t happen, but the #LesMiles4Purdue movement is still going strong in West Lafayette.

… On the flip side of that Boilermaker embarrassment stands Maryland, which improved to 4-0 and surpassed last year’s win total in its first season under coach DJ Durkin. Ty Johnson was named Big Ten offensive player of the week after rushing seven times for 204 yards – an average of 29.1 per carry.

I made it clear last week that I’m high on the Terps, mainly because of Durkin and offensive coordinator Walt Bell. Maryland is playing well enough to warrant thoughts that it could be 8-0 for the Nov. 5 matchup at Michigan, where Durkin served as defensive coordinator last year.

It won’t be long before others start hopping on the Maryland bandwagon with me. You better hurry up before it gets full, though.

… One school Maryland would have to get past to earn that record is Michigan State. And if you asked me before the season, I’d have told you that the Spartans would handle the Terps easily.

Then the games started. Michigan State might be one of the country’s most disappointing teams after losing to Indiana, 24-21, in overtime on Saturday night. Mistakes continued to haunt the Spartans, who fell to 2-2 and appear headed for a down season after reaching last year’s College Football Playoff.

This was me watching that train wreck of a game:

… The other representative in last season’s Big Ten championship game isn’t feeling too good, either. Iowa fell to 3-2 following Saturday’s 38-31 loss to Northwestern, which entered that contest averaging 16.3 points during a 1-3 start. Add that to the Hawkeyes’ home loss to North Dakota State earlier, and Iowa City is a pretty somber place right now.

For all the talk of coaching hot seats in the Big Ten like Hazell’s and James Franklin’s, there’s Kirk Ferentz holding job security despite going through yet another mediocre season. Iowa lost 30 games in the five seasons previous to last year’s 12-win campaign.

I’m convinced there are three certainties in life: Death, taxes and Kirk Ferentz coaching the Hawkeyes no matter how unimpressive they are under his watch.

… Chubby Penn State kicker Joey Julius has made a habit of making some big hits this season. On Saturday, Minnesota wasn’t going to have any of that. Ouch.

… And since I want to keep this Michigan-Ohio State thing going a little bit more, I’ll leave you with this. Until next week…

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