Lonzo Ball: “I Could Beat Jordan 1-on-1 Right Now”

The Warriors may have clinched their second NBA Title in three years Monday night, but NBA Draft prospect Lonzo Ball and his father, LaVar, still managed to steal the show.

The duo appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live following Game 5 of the NBA Finals, both decked out in “BBB” gear. Kimmel unsurprisingly revisited LaVar’s comments about beating Michael Jordan in his prime, and Lonzo made it clear he inherited his dad’s confidence.

When asked by Kimmel if he could beat Jordan, who is 54 years old, one-on-one today, Lonzo responded, “Right now? Yes.”

This comes just days after reports emerged that while the Lakers were impressed with Lonzo’s leadership and offensive game during his first workout last week, many in attendance thought he was out of shape.

Lonzo didn’t play against any prospects during the workout, but instead, played two-on-two with some of the Lakers assistant coaches, according to the Orange County Register.

Lonzo, who was one of the four NCAA Player of the Year finalists and led the UCLA Bruins to a Regional Semifinals his freshman year, averaged 14.6 points per game and shot 55.1 percent from the field.

While Lonzo is considered a top-two talent in the upcoming NBA Draft on June 22, the Lakers, whom Ball has expressed interest in playing for, haven’t committed to him at No. 2.