Mark Richt Critical Of Players Skipping Bowls, Says Nothing About Coaches Doing Same

Miami head coach Mark Richt is critical of players skipping bowl games, but has little to say about coaches that do the same.

Don’t expect any Miami Hurricane to be skipping a bowl game while Mark Richt is the head coach, as he vehemently dislikes the practice.

“I think it’s sad, personally,” Richt said. “Football is the greatest team sport there is, and I think until the season is over, you should be with your team, really and truly.”

The issue has become a hot topic this postseason, as star running backs LSU’s Leonard Fournette, Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey, and Baylor’s Shock Linwood have all opted to forego their final collegiate game and start preparing for the NFL Draft. All three have missed time this season with injuries, and Fournette and McCaffrey are likely first-round picks.

Richt said the team should come before any individual goals.

“You can take out whether I want a guy to stay to help us win and all that,” Richt said. “Football is the greatest game. It’s the greatest game because it’s a team game. Everybody is counting on each other.”

Richt’s comments are another example of the hypocrisy that exists within college football as what a coach is allowed to do compared to a player. Four head coaches – Tom Herman, Willie Taggart, Matt Rhule, and Jeff Brohm – have left their current teams for a new position before leading them in their respective bowl games, but not a nary word has been spoken, especially by those in the coaching community, about any wrongdoing by those men.

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