Michigan State Hints At ‘Special’ New Basketball Uniform For Minnesota Game

It appears Michigan State will be breaking out a new uniform against Minnesota on Wednesday night.

New uniforms have become the new “big thing” in not only college football, but college basketball as well. With schools free to sign apparel contracts with brands of their own choosing, it has become an arms race of sorts between Nike, Under Armor, adidas, and so on to come up with the newest and best uniform concepts in an effort to gain as many school partnerships as possible.

Well, if a Tweet sent out this morning by the Michigan State men’s basketball Twitter account is any indication, it looks like the Spartans and Nike have teamed up to create a new uniform for tonight’s game against Minnesota.

At first glance, you can’t really tell what this uniform will look like, as we’re only shown one tiny portion of it. However, after doing some digging, the above photo might be enough to tell us what to expect when Michigan State takes the court tonight. Take a look at the photo below:

Courtesy: USA Today

See the number font? Doesn’t the top of that “4” look awfully similar to what we see in the picture Tweeted out by the MSU account? If I’m right, it looks like Michigan State will be wearing throwbacks from when they last won the National Championship in 2000. Those uniforms are absolute classics, and if Nike made up a modern version of these, we could be in for a real treat this evening.

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