Unethical Recruiting Claims Won’t Faze Alabama, Nick Saban

A high school coach in Louisiana says he won’t help Alabama recruit his players. That won’t matter, and Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide will continue to rake in top talent.

Each year, Alabama and head coach Nick Saban have their pick of the best high school prospects coming out of high school. Players are clamoring to come play for the Crimson Tide, who have become the standard bearer for a collegiate pipeline to the NFL.

One high school coach in Louisiana isn’t going to make it easy for Alabama, though.

“The only school that can’t come to Parkway is Alabama,” Parkway High School coach David Feaster said recently. “And there’s a long story behind that, but it had to do with not being ethical in their recruiting. They can’t come. Everyone else is 100 percent welcome.”

The story behind Feaster’s beef with Alabama goes back to the recruitment of former LSU quarterback Brandon Harris. Harris, a highly sought after prospect, was offered a scholarship to play for the Crimson Tide before it was ultimately pulled. Harris was told by Alabama that “we got other guys that are going to come through here, and I promised them a shot.”

While Feaster states that he will still allow his players to go to Alabama, he’s adamant about not aiding the Crimson Tide in landing one of his players.

“I’m just not going to help Alabama recruit my guys.”

This might be a battle that Feaster does not want to wage. The Alabama coaching staff will likely dismiss the declaration, rendering the talented players at Parkway collateral damage, and will move on to other prospects. Alabama is not lacking for talented recruits willing to come to Tuscaloosa, and doesn’t necessarily need Feaster’s endorsement.

Saban has the Crimson Tide at a level hardly ever seen in college sports: he doesn’t have to recruit players, players have to recruit him. Sure, the five-time national championship winning coach still hits the recruiting trail hard, but when evaluating a prospect he has the ability to take only the cream of the crop that he feels will fit The Process perfectly.

This is the program he has built since arriving in 2007, and, to be frank with Feaster, Saban probably could not care less about the coach’s refusal to help. As long trots out of that tunnel every Saturday in the fall, a revolving door of 5-stars will continue to suit up for the Crimson Tide.

A big fish in a small pond should probably tread lightly when trying to order around the king fish in the biggest pond.

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