Nick Saban And Tailgating: What Is The Head Coach Missing?

Nick Saban stated that he has never been to a college tailgate. Here is what the Alabama head coach is missing.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban is a man of business who is focused on one thing: winning college football games. It seems that he has always been that way, and has never enjoyed one of the sport’s greatest traditions: the pregame.

In an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Saban said that he has never been to a college tailgate in his life. This makes me awfully sad.

It means he has never experienced the grandeur of setting up his own tent as friends come by with all sorts of food and alcoholic beverages that shall be consumed in unison, all while everyone talks about how their team has a great chance to win tonight.

He has never taken a seat in a fold-up chair and watched people of all walks of life stroll by – older alumni holding hands and staring in amazement how big the school has become, fraternity pledges sweltering in the September heat in their mandatory suit jacket and tie, their dates wearing their favorite sun dresses with boots – and given them all a nod of agreement.

He doesn’t have special friends who throw a kickass tailgate that includes all the booze you can drink, a sampling of food, and a rocking band that plays all the old-time classics that every generation can groove to.

He’s never faced that dilemma of “is it time to go into the stadium or can I fit in another drink.”

Pro tip: you always have time for one more drink.

Saban has never been back to his alma mater for a weekend and had to coordinate his plans so he could hit up as many friends’ tailgates as possible. I did this a couple of weeks ago. It takes a lot of logistics and walking.

Most importantly, he’s never had the chance to build lifelong relationships that would have never happened without the experience of tailgating. A lot of my close friends have come from this great college tradition.

To rectify this horrible injustice, I cordially invite Coach Saban to my tailgate before next season’s Iron Bowl. I will supply some nice vino and I’m sure all of my fellow Auburn fans would be happy to see him.

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