Ohio State To Wear 1968 Throwbacks Against Clemson

Ohio State is returning to its winning look for the College Football Playoff, as the Buckeyes will wear their 1968 throwbacks against Clemson.

If you can remember all the way back to when Ohio State beat Alabama and Oregon in the 2015 College Football Playoff to win its eighth National Championship, you might also recall that the Buckeyes wore 1968-inspired jerseys along that two-game journey. Well, now that they are back in the CFP for the first time since then, the Buckeyes are bringing back that throwback look.

At first glance, any casual observer might not see a difference between the jersey worn in the pictures above and their usual white/road jersey. However, take a closer look at the sleeves.

Courtesy: Matthew Emmons/Tommy Gilligan – USA Today Sports

The 1968/alternate jersey features two scarlet stripes and three gray stripes on the sleeves, whereas their primary white top only has one scarlet stripe and two gray stripes. It’s a subtle change in appearance, but a good one. The alternate jersey is meant to have a classic look to it, and it certainly does while also keeping in line with the present day design.

Call it superstition if you want, or make nothing of it at all. But the fact of the matter is that the Buckeyes are returning to their winning look from two years ago as they head into their second College Football Playoff in three seasons. The only question now is whether the change in appearance will yield similar results.

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