First Look: Ohio State’s Full Alternate Uniform For Nebraska Game

First look at Ohio State’s full alternate uniform that will be worn against Nebraska. The Buckeyes will continue their trend of wearing a new alternate uniform this season.

An image of what appeared to be a new alternate uniform for the Ohio State football program was leaked over the internet this past summer, and shortly thereafter Ohio State confirmed that they would in fact be wearing a throwback this season. Today, the first official images of the full uniform to be worn on November 5th against Nebraska were released.

The uniform pays tribute to Ohio State legend Chic Harley and his 1916 team that became the first Buckeyes football team to win a conference championship. Harley and that Buckeyes team soared in popularity amongst the fans and led to then record-setting attendance numbers at the old Ohio Field. The program has been a powerhouse ever since.


These new uniforms are merely the latest new set of threads to be worn by the Buckeyes, who have broken out at least one new alternate uniform each season since 2009.

Given what Ohio State had to work with in trying to replicate the 1916 look, they nailed it with these uniforms. They definitely have that old, throwback feel to them while still looking somewhat modern. The grey, vertical stripes on the jersey might take some getting used to, but after a while you begin to appreciate them more and more. And while they’re a very simplistic feature, the white stripes on the socks are the perfect look to complete this uniform. They add a little more flare, but still maintain that ultimate classic appearance.

The most modernized aspect of the uniform are the helmets, which are still extremely straight forward and not too flashy. It would appear that they went with a matte-grey color and texture with a grey facemask.

All in all, this should end up being one of Ohio State’s better alternates.


Ohio State has released its own photos of the alternate uniforms, featuring a label reading “Music and Cannon Fire,” the name of this throwback kit.

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