For Ole Miss TE Evan Engram, There Is ‘No Doubt’ SEC West Is Best

Ole Miss tight end Evan Engram has experienced the tough task of playing in the SEC West, and he says it is still the best division in college football.

The SEC West has owned the college football world for more than a decade, with division teams winning six of the last 10 national titles. Alabama has dominated, winning four of them by itself, while LSU and Auburn went to four total BCS National Championship Games during that time, each capturing one title apiece.

With challengers coming in from all directions, and fans across the nation being tired of the SEC dominance, people are just waiting to announce the end of the SEC West’s rule and anoint another conference the new king.

Ole Miss’ Evan Engram believes that isn’t ready to happen yet.

“Definitely,” Engram told Campus Insiders when asked if the SEC West is still the toughest division in college football. “No doubt about it. There’s ‘Bama, LSU, Auburn, A&M, us: It doesn’t get any better than that.”

The senior tight end certainly speaks from experience. Engram has been a key target for the Rebels since his freshman season in 2013, earning All-SEC second team honors and is now the all-time leader for catches and receiving yards by a tight end in school history.

The competition is what drives both Engram and the Rebels to become a better overall team.

“As a competitor, you love it. I love it. It makes our team stronger and helps us in preparation, as well.”

The ACC Atlantic can currently make a case with the trio of Clemson, FSU, and Louisville, while the Big Ten East has the two powerhouses of Ohio State and Michigan, but for Engram, there is no question about the SEC West being the best.

“Definitely. The SEC West is the toughest part of our conference, and toughest side of a conference in the nation.”

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