PHOTO: Jim Harbaugh Drinks His Milk With A Side Of Steak

It looks like Jim Harbaugh had a good time at Ruth’s Chris, where he enjoyed his glass of milk with a side of steak.

If the 78-0 win over Rutgers wasn’t enough, Jim Harbaugh got to enjoy a nice, half-off meal at Ruth’s Chris in Ann Arbor this week thanks to the whoopin’ Michigan put on the Scarlet Knights.

Nothing satisfies Harbaugh like taking down a huge glass of milk and side of steak after a big W.

That’s a meal Fred Flintstone would be proud of.

And it likely won’t be the last one this season – for the Harbaugh household or fans in Ann Arbor. Prior to the game, the steak house announced its “Score Big” promotion would run for the remainder of Michigan football games. Customers will receive a percentage off their total food bill equal to the final winning point differential up to 50% off.

Michigan is scoring 50 points per game, while allowing just 10.3 points per game. That’s an average savings of 39.7%. Not too shabby, and also good marketing for Ruth’s Chris (see: every sports publication and website on the Internet writing about it).

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