Texas vs. Oklahoma Prediction Roundtable – What’s Going To Happen

Texas vs. Oklahoma prediction roundtable with the Campus Insiders staff. Breaking down what will happen in Saturday’s Red River Rivalry game between the Longhorns and Sooners.

Another Red River Rivalry is upon us, and this year both teams enter with underwhelming 2-2 records and in desperate need of a win. Texas leads the all-time 61-44-5 and won last year’s game, 24-17. Oklahoma has taken four of the last six contests. Since the start of the century, the Sooners have gone 10-6 against the Longhorns. Here’s how the Campus Insiders staff believes things will play out.

Jonathan Bass

Due to no logic at all, I’ll go with Texas. Probably going with my heart over my head here, because I want it to work out with Charlie Strong, and fully believe that Texas will be good next year when the defense is a little older. And, if nothing else, it’ll be fun to watch the Texas regents oust a guy who won back-to-back games against Oklahoma and has showed improvement.

An interesting aspect of this game – and really the rest of the season for Oklahoma – is that they can still go undefeated in Big 12 play with their only two losses coming against potential CFP teams. That’d be a fun late-season storyline, too. Maybe even better than the Mexican standoff between Baylor, TCU and the CFP committee from two years ago.

As for this game at hand, it’ll probably look like a Kliff Kingsbury special where the teams score 100 combined points and the last offense with the ball wins it. Football purists need not check in.

Robert Judin

Charlie Strong is on the hot seat. Okay, cool, whatever. Can we talk football now? Oklahoma can easily win this game, but I just don’t like the fact that Baker Mayfield was spotted with a boot on his foot. He’s nursing that ankle injury, and that can severely limit him when he’s looking to do “Baker Mayfield things” outside the pocket.

Having said that, Shane Buechele is a stud, and I think he’ll do a lot of great things in this game. But my x-factor is D’Onta Foreman. He has to have a huge game on the ground for Texas to win, and I believe he will. This just seems like a Charlie Strong kind of game where he’s on the hot seat and then delivers a huge win in the Red River Rivalry. It makes sense.

Shae Peppler

1,000 combined yards of total offense? No, I’m not talking about Vince Young’s statistics from his Longhorn days, I’m talking about the Longhorn’s defense (or lack thereof). Texas has given up 1,000 combined yards of total offense to their last two opponents (Cal and Oklahoma State) and basically, I could be out there trying to block. Meanwhile, Oklahoma has found their running game again. Ya know, that reason we all thought they would beat Houston in Week 1, and keep it close against Ohio State … well, its back. Just ask TCU.

Brian Stultz

Can either of these teams actually stop someone? The volunteers that fire the cannons off for both sides better get ready as this one has a high-scoring affair written all over it. Texas’ defense is performing like Davy Crockett and the boys at the Alamo, and it won’t be any easier against Baker Mayfield and the Sooners. Interesting stat, though: in the eight meetings when Texas was unranked and Oklahoma was ranked, the Longhorns have won six of them. That won’t happen this year. Stoops and his players want revenge after the disaster last season.

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