Texas vs. TCU Prediction Roundtable – What’s Going To Happen

Texas vs. TCU prediction roundtable with the Campus Insiders staff. Breaking down what will happen during the game between the Longhorns and Horned Frogs.

Jeff Bartl

Texas wins, the players carry Charlie Strong off the field, everyone cries, the end.

Jonathan Bass

The rise up and fight for Charlie Strong trope should be pushed loudly in the lead up. Texas wins, but it’s more because the Longhorns’ defense is less bad than TCU’s. This will be your prototypical Big 12 shootout, with Kenny Hill and Shane Buechele matching each other throw for throw. Ultimately it’s D’Onta Foreman who makes the difference. He runs for close to 300 yards, breaks the program’s single-season rushing record and guides the Longhorns to a bowl berth.

Dave Miller

I’m no fool. Expect a Les Miles-type sendoff for Charlie Strong in this one—except Strong, unfortunately, likely won’t be coming back to Austin next year as was the case for Miles last year when he was granted another season (albeit a shortened one) following the Tigers’ victory in the 2015 regular-season finale. D’Onta Foreman and Shane Buechele will carry the Texas offense, while TCU quarterback Kenny Hill will throw a late interception to seal a Longhorns victory.

Brian Stultz

The trustees/boosters/administration at Texas are toying with the emotions of Charlie Strong and, more importantly, the Longhorns players by either not firing him immediately or saying he will be back next season. The players will go out and, in the words of Texas fan Matthew McConaughey, “kick some ass” against TCU.

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