Tom Herman Addresses Houston Recruiting, Future With Cougars

Houston head coach Tom Herman joined the Seth Davis Show to discuss his future with the Cougars and what he tells recruits about his job status.

Every major college football program with head coaching change looming has his name circled, underlined, and written in bold letters.

Tom Herman is the hottest name out there. LSU wants him. Baylor wants him. Purdue wants him. And, while Notre Dame, Oregon, Penn State and Texas haven’t made coaching changes yet, they would love to bring in the current Houston coach to take their respective programs to the top.

He’s started 19-2 with the Cougars and hit it big in the 2016 recruiting class with signees like 5-star defensive tackle Ed Oliver, who was the No. 6 overall player, and 4-star wide receiver Courtney Lark.

Imagine how big the Houston program could get if Herman continued to recruit at this current level. Or imagine how far he could take one of the aforementioned Power Five programs with the way he’s recruited so far.

Herman joined the Seth Davis Show to discuss what he tells recruits and their families given that he could leave for another job in the near future, and the Cougars head coach simply tells them the truth.

“With young men, kids and parents making such an enormous decision … everything I tell them will be true and factual. Now, should they trust that? I hope that I’ve built a good enough relationship with the player and parents over the course of recruitment that, yeah, they do trust me and what I tell them,” Herman said.

Now, as far as his actual status with Houston is concerned, he believes it’s impossible to predict what will happen. Coaching carousels are a wild ride, but he’s in no position to say what will happen.

“There’s not a coach on the planet that can say, ‘I’ll be at this same job for the next five years,'”  Herman said. “There’s not a coach in this profession who can [definitively] say he’ll be here for the four or five years you’re gonna play.”

And, as he said, that is a factual statement. Guys are hired and fired all the time. College football head coaches are constantly put on and taken off the hot seat.

But, unlike Herman, not all of those coaches have almost the entire FBS knocking on his door with contracts ready to be signed.

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