Urban Meyer Vs. Jim Harbaugh: Who Would Win A Fight?

A fight between Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh would be amazing. We take a look at a tale of the tape between the two coaches and determine who would ultimately win.

Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh are rivals on the field as the head coaches of Ohio State and Michigan, respectively, but what would happen if a fight broke out between the two? Houston head coach Tom Herman, who served as Meyer’s offensive coordinator from 2012-14, told Dan Patrick that the Buckeyes coach would win the battle.

“Yes, absolutely he could,” Herman said. “That’s where my money would be. He would be the Vegas favorite.”

This idea intrigues me, mostly because coach-on-coach violence would be amazing and take the already-heated rivalry to the next level.

Let’s take a look at the battle with a Tale of The Tape: Meyer vs. Harbaugh.


Both coaches are 52 years old as of today, so there is no advantage for either one here.


Both are taller than average, with Meyer coming in at 6’2 and Harbaugh at 6’3. Still, no big advantage here, but if there is one, I suppose you have to go with the extra inch Harbaugh has.


Big advantage for the Michigan man here, as he outweighs Meyer by 35 pounds. Meyer has lost a lot of weight the past few years after his health scare, while Harbaugh still seems like he could take a pounding from blitzing linebackers.


While Meyer has never been photographed shirtless, he does look to have some upper body strength. Harbaugh has graced many of websites with his upper torso being completely bare, and while his tan needs some work, he has the ultimate Dad Bod. I see no advantage on either side here.


Meyer has had heart problems in the past, while Harbaugh seems to be as healthy as a spring chicken. Major advantage for Harbaugh.

Lower Body Strength

Neither coach has a lower body as powerful as Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi, and Harbaugh wearing shorts is a sight as rare as a Kansas football win, so I’m going with Meyer here. His calf muscles are toned and look to have some jolt in them.


Both of them hate losing to the point where this battle could go to whichever coach dies first. While Harbaugh seems like the more likely one to cheat, I would never turn my back on the sneaky Meyer. He is the John Paxson of college football coaches. Advantage to Meyer.

Final Decision

This would be awesome to watch, and Meyer needs to be captured at the beach one day for me to really see what sort of upper body strength he is capable of while Harbaugh is crazy enough to pull out all the stunts necessary to win. That said, I’m still taking the Buckeye in this one. Urban Meyer over Jim Harbaugh in 13 rounds.

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