Official USC Bookstore Trolls Alabama With T-Shirt

The official USC bookstore is trolling Alabama with a t-shirt ahead of the opening-weekend game that reads “Roll Tears Roll.”

Come the night of Saturday, September 3, college football fans will be treated to a primetime showdown between two of the sport’s most prestigious programs. USC will face off against Alabama in AT&T Stadium (Arlington, Texas).

However, despite a combined claimed 27 national championships, the Trojans and Crimson Tide are sitting at very different spots when it comes to recent success.

Alabama is the king of the mountain, having won four titles in the last seven years.

USC, on the other hand, is still looking to find some sort of consistency since the Pete Carroll era ended in 2009.

But, despite the vast distance in the current state of each program, that doesn’t mean the Trojans are going to back down from the Tide heading into the game.

For proof, see the USC bookstore’s t-shirts trolling Alabama that are currently on sale.

It’s probably not wise to poke the bear, but what would college football be without a healthy dose of trash talk?

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