Ranking Adidas’ Baseball Heritage Uniform Collection

Ranking the adidas baseball heritage uniform collection that has fully been released prior to college baseball season.

This baseball offseason, adidas partnered up with Arizona State, Louisville, Miami (FL), Mississippi State, NC State, and Nebraska to develop a “Heritage” series of uniforms. Each program will wear their own version of adidas’ Heritage uniform in the coming baseball season.

Over the course of the last few weeks, adidas has been unveiling each team’s new look. Now, being the #FashionInsider here at Campus Insiders, it’s only natural that I should feel the need to rank all seven Heritage uniforms before the season begins. It’s like walking into a tavern and seeing a new craft beer on tap that you’ve never tried. You just HAVE to do it. So with that, let’s get to work.

Heritage Uniform Rankings

7) NC State

I don’t dislike what we’ve got going on here with NC State, but the jersey makes me think of an NBA Christmas Day uni. The font across the chest isn’t terrible, but coupled with the red sleeves (a 1980s throwback look) it just looks too festive to be a baseball jersey.

Now the hats are a different story. I can get on board with those. I’ve always been a fan of a white hat with a different colored brim.

6) Nebraska

For Nebraska, adidas reached way back to the 1950s to come up with this jersey and hat design. The hat resembles what the Huskers wore way back when and definitely has that classic feel to it.

The arched “Nebraska” across the chest is good and something we don’t see too much of in the baseball world, but it looks too arched. A straight-on shot of the jersey would display this better than the above picture. Other than that, I like it. The traditional red cut around the neck and down the front of the jersey, as well as around the sleeves, offer a nice, clean look.

5) Miami (FL)

The Hurricanes’ throwback set goes back to their style from the 1970s and ’80s. Unlike the previous two jerseys, Miami has a grey set with grey lids.

My biggest knock on these uniforms is the font. It’s cool and it definitely represents “old school,” but it’s too hard to read. Maybe I just need some big ole thick glasses, but I don’t think that’s the case. The green and orange trimming around the collar and sleeves is a nice touch on this pullover jersey.

4) Mississippi State

Now we’re talking. Adidas returned to Mississippi State baseball of the 1960s when creating these new threads, and they nailed it.

First of all, how can you not like the pinstripes? It’s such a clean and crisp appearance, and it speaks old-time baseball at the same time. The script “State” on the jersey’s front is appropriately sized and doesn’t distract you at all.

You’ll also notice on the hats that they kept the interlocking “MS,” which was a great decision. Don’t try and fix what isn’t broken.

3) Louisville

Here is your biggest wildcard of the bunch. Seeing uniforms being worn in an actual game is always the best way to tell if they’re a bust or not. We don’t yet have that luxury, though game action might be the best teller as to whether or not these jerseys are winners or losers.

As you can see, adidas decided to completely branch out when creating Louisville’s Heritage uniform. Notice anything different with the sleeves? The longer sleeves were a common look going way back to the late 1800s and even early 1900s. Just look at an action shot of Ty Cobb as an example. Aside from the longer sleeves, adidas gave Louisville a dark grey look, which isn’t anything to complain about.

The best feature to the Cardinals’ Heritage set is the throwback logo. It looks great on the cap and jersey, now let’s see how it plays on the field.

2) Texas A&M

This is a perfect example of a simple, clean, classic jersey. There is absolutely nothing flashy about it whatsoever, and I mean that in a really good way.

Adidas decided to return to the 1950s when designing the Aggies’ uniform, and they couldn’t have made a better decision. The maroon striping up the center and neck of the top is what really completes this look, along with the arched “Texas” and straight “Aggies.” It’s a perfect combo. Then you’ve got the white hat with the maroon bill and the old A&M “T” up front. This gets back to my mantra from the football season that “simple is often better.”

1) Arizona State

I’m not often a fan of the pullover jersey in baseball. Some teams have made it work, others have not. In this instance, adidas and Arizona State didn’t just pull off the look, they perfected it.

Here we have a throwback to the Sun Devils of the ’80s, when Barry Bonds was still legally popping bombs over the right field wall. The color scheme that ASU uses is fantastic, which helps out here, but the trimming on the sleeves and neck, and the classic script lettering across the chest are what makes this our No. 1 uniform.

So I’m sure some of you inevitably disagree with these rankings, and that’s fine. That is what makes doing this sort of thing fun: everyone has their own opinion. My hope is that we’ll see more throwback uniforms like these in the future across all sports. We’ve seen it quite a bit in football and a little bit of it in basketball, and now baseball has joined the party. Which means … all eyes are on you, hockey world.

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